MFH New Year Message!

A new post from MFH this morning;

"Thank you for your love and continual support during the year of 2017. We are currently planning and developing kits for next year and hope to provide you with more new kits in the year of 2018, including a Ferrari from the 1960`s, a Lotus from the 1960`s, two McLaren F1`s, a 1984 F1, 1/9 Motorcycle variations etc. We hope you will look forward to the release lineup for 2018."

So I am guessing thE 1984 car will be the Toleman, or could be MP4/2 which would be annoying if you have just paid a fortune for the rubbish Protar kit!!!  Still hanging on to hopes of a Tyrrell 006, FW07, FW08, FW18, Shadow DN5, Benettons, Renault RE40, either Alonso Renault, a Hamilton Merc and a Red Bull....  Late 90s LM cars were great-looking so perhaps MFH will also start mining this seam further.

In other news, has anyone read Motorsport's interview with Adrian Newey this month?  It took place at Tamiya UK's warehouse and is all about how Adrian was inspired by building Tamiya 1/12 cars.  Maybe he could put in a word to Messrs Red Bull to allow Tamiya to do a 1/12 RB??!!  Just a thought.

Happy New Year


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