General F1 Model News

General F1 Model News

Scale Auto Magazine is Dead


Dear Enthusiasts,

Since 1979, Scale Auto (originally Scale Auto Enthusiast) has been proud to offer the latest tips and techniques to help car modelers build the coolest, hottest, most realistic scale replicas on four wheels. While we remain committed to serving scale-auto builders, we regretfully announce we are discontinuing publication of Scale Auto magazine. October 2020 will be the final issue.

A very nice video of the 1:20 Aoshima Mclaren MP4/2B kit from Japan

I just went to YouTube and came across with this really nice video of the 1:20 Mclaren MP4/2B kit.  This master builder from Japan is extremely neat, thoughtful and precise.  Some of his techniques were out of this world!  Even though he didn't use carbon fibre decals, but it was amazing just to watch and admire his fine scale modelling skills.  This is in 6 parts and each p

Database of Racing and Sports-racing Cars

This is a follow-up to a post I made two or three years ago about a database that I started some 40 years ago when I realised the importance of correct wheel and tyre sizes to the appearance of scale models.  I subsequently extended the database to include brief details of engine, wheelbase and track dimensions and the spreadsheet is now about 2.5Mb.

It was then my intention to share the database but a house move, home improvements and a switch from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 have distracted me from doing more until now.  I believe that ehe size of the spreadsheet prevents it being attached to a post on this website so, unless an F1 forum member has an alternative, I propose to send it by personal email to those members who declare an interest.