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Tamiya 1/20 Ferrari F189 Early

Are F189 Speedline wheels and Goodyear tire a match for the wheels and tires used on the MP4-6?

I hope this measage finds you all well. Does anyone know if the Speedline wheels and Goodyear tires from a Tamiya F189 are a match for the wheels and tires used on the Fujimi MP4-6? I have a set of Top Studio brakes and discs to dress up brakes, but i do not want to have to modify the square hole inside the Fujimi wheel and remove the nut on the outside of the wheel as well. any help would be welcomed Best Regards Mark

What are the colors for Ferrari Formula One cars?

early 70's (not sure when exactly) until 1985, cars were the same colour - similar to TS8.  1986 to 1996 inclusive (being F186 - F310) were a slightly different red, but still similar to TS8. 1997 (F310-B) to 2003 (F2003-GA) semi-flouro TS49 F2004 - Monaco 2007 - Bright Flouro Red Post Monaco 2007 - 2008 - Candy Apple Red (TS Clear Red over TS Gold I believe) 2009 (F60) - TS85 2010 onwards - TS8 with a very light (almost indistinguishable) pearl effect.


Hi, I'm new building models and I'm becoming crazy when I have to mix paints when I'm using airbrush. If I have to make this mix: XF-10:3 + X-10:2 I know that I need 3 drops of XF-10 and 2 drops of X-10.Questions: - Do I need exactly 5 drops of thinner?- If I'm using airbrush I will need more paint than painting with brush. Any advice to mix the exactly proportion of paint?? Using pipettes is crazy...Thanks,R.

What is a good source of aftermarket PE/decals/... ?

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. Dedicated aftermarket dealers that are online include ... F1 Specialties - http://www.f1specialties.com/ Scale Motorsport - http://www.scalemotorsport.com/ Other detail accessories can be found at Rainbow 10 - http://www.rainbowten.co.jp/english/index.html Hobby Link Japan - http://www.hlj.com/

Historical Ferarri Information

Q - What is the correct red for use on Ferrari F1 models? A - Depends on the year. At least ten different reds have been used since Sefac Ferrari ran Alfa Romeos pre war.  Q - Has there only been one kind of yellow shield on the sides of Ferrari F1? A - No. Up till 1951 no shield was used. the first shields had straight angled tops. Later the shield got a rounded top as used today. Enzo Ferrari would be angry to see customer cars sporting the shield which is only to be used by Gestione Sportiva/Sefac/Scuderia Ferrari. ie the race team cars. Q - Has the yellow shield always appeared on Ferrari F1 cars? A - No see above. Q - What is the origin of the black horse on the yellow shield?  A - A gift from a WW1 flyer whose Spad had a black horse rampant on the side which was his family arms. Enzo was allowed to "borrow" it for luck. Stuck with him ever since.  Q - What colors of wheels have been traditionally used on Ferrari F1 cars? A - They started with black then matt silver but went to light blue when alloys were used instead of wires. Dino wanted gold wheels on his cars and used gold or yellow (Heraldically the same). When Dino died all Ferraris had gold wheels. After Enzo died this tradition has been lost. Sad. Q - How many versions of the F156 were there?  A - At least ten are documented.  Q - What was Ferraris first F1 car? A - The Tipo 125-1948/01. Q - What was Enzo Ferrari\'s favorite car of all time? A - The 312PB short tail.  Q - What British sedan did Enzo Ferrari drive as his personal transport?  A - A Mini. Q - Have Ferrari F1 cars always had the rectangular nose badge?  A - Yes. Q - Have Ferrari F1 cars always had the yellow boss and black horse on instruments and steering wheels? A - Yes, also to start with the instruments had the rectangular ferrari badge

I purchased 2 multimedia kits. Some of the metal parts are slighty pitted. What could I use to fill these areas?

Well, if the parts are white metal, plain old Bondo Auto Putty will do the trick. Just apply, let dry, sand, and prime with a good auto primer. Lightly sand again and apply the color coat. If the parts are photoetched, I would replace them with thin sheet plastic.

First ever formula1 race winner?

Well that depends on what you mean by Formula 1. The first Grand Prix winner was Fernenc Szisz in 1906 on a road course near Le Mans - the course was 65 miles long, was over two days, each racer had to complete 6 laps each day, and was won at an average speed of 63 miles per hour. The first race of the 'Modern era' was in 1950 at the Grand Prix of Europe at Silverstone and was won by Giuseppe Farina in a Alfa Romeo.