F1M Site News

F1M Site News

So What's Up on F1M.com?

So folks might have noticed that some things have changed recently, mostly on the non-Forum section of F1M.

I've updated the software that runs that portion of the site.  Its was going to need to happen at some point, and I will also need to do another update but I can wait on that.  I removed some of the old content, things like the Hobby Shop list, updated other content, like the F1 Kit Database, and created a new feature, the Resources.  F1M members can add or update information in these sections, its moderated so I'll need to give it a check before the changes appear.

Forum News

The F1M Forums - forum.f1m.com - and F1M - www.f1m.com - are now completely seperate web sites.  Logging into one will not log you into the other. If you cannot log into the F1M Forums, go to https://forum.f1m.com/app.php/user/forgot_password to change your password for that site only.  Changing your password here will not affect your Forum account.

Also, I have disabled account creation on the F1M Forums for the moment while I work on bugs.

I might update this article with more information as things change or I find other items that need to be communicated.

F1M Archive

In my continuing efforts to improve F1M.com, I will be closing down archive.f1m.com at the end of June.

If there is any content that you want to keep, you'll need to download it before then.  About the only thing that remains in the archive that has not been migrated are the Gallery images.

If you have any questions, please let me know.