Lotus E21 by Mfh

Am wondering what fellow members thoughts on this kit? I've not built Mfh and wondered whether anyone has bought one or started this kit by Mfh. I have built the E20 by Bmodelworks,and enjoyed this,so am wondering whether to add this to my already growing collection!

Bromley Car Show

Hi Folks, This is just a reminder for the petrol heads out there who like their cars,especially the classics,F40's,275's,Cobra's,and Porsches etc oh and the odd Torino,the show is on this Sunday in Norman Park. I think it's the largest one day car show in Europe! Only trouble it's all 1:1 scale but a great display,will have to post some pics from previous years when have time!

New To Modeling

I've just came out the army after being hurt and to find a hobby i can sit down to do, so being Formula1 mad i've decided to go back to modeling since i enjoyed it as a kid and have been inspired by some of the photos on this site.

1/20 Lotus E20 2012 Raikonnen's Flyer

Lotus 1/20 E20 Bmodelworks Well just thought this is great news for our Lotus based fans, And decided to start this limited production kit it is only 1/20 and I'm really a 1/12ther,but you get two options the 2012 Malaysia or British Gp,plus two sets of tires intermediates or slicks with the corresponding colour decals,two different rear wings. Dark Knight decals for the British Gp version!