Lotus 63

Once a long time ago a Japanese company made a 1/2th scale Lotus 63

I used to have one, can't find it. Does anyone know of this kit and does anyone have one they would like to unload?

Revs Digital Library

From Jalopnik -

I can't overstate the magnitude of what Stanford has just unleashed. The university's Revs program has put out the most comprehensive image library of cars, racing, and the culture surrounding it in existence. There are nearly 200,000 images covering every marque, race, auto show, and everything in between over the last 100+ years. Your evening – no, your month – is officially wasted.

Revs Digital Library

F2002 image

Hi guys I was wondering if anyone had a single image of the f2002 looking from the rear over the top of the engine and facing the rear of the air intake above the drivers head but without the filter air box on showing the wiring looms and radiator pipes? Cheers guys The only ones I can find are from gurney flap and on google but none have the box removed Cheers Paul

BRM V12 engine and gearbox 1/24 scale scratch

Hi guys. These are somo BRM V12 and some gearbos that i scratchbuil in 1/24 scale using styrene 1mm and 0.60, hope that you like. Any comments (good or bad) are welcome.