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Finally FW14B detail set

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Re: Finally FW14B detail set

Postby jaykay » Mon Oct 21, 2019 8:17 am

gp-models wrote:
jaykay wrote:Actually...hydraulics :-)

Yup, this is more hydraulic system for active suspension, the electronic connectors are sitting on top of it finaly.
I hope we see brass machined dumper parts, a must on this car! :)

I doubt those will be brass pieces. That would make the set prohibitively expensive. The elusive Thunder Valley set has them machined in brass but they are not 100% made like the originals because that wouldn't be feasible at reasonable cost.
I'd be fine with nicely detailed resin parts, that can then be painted in their anodized look.
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Re: Finally FW14B detail set

Postby gp-models » Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:29 am

Yes i know the Thunder Valley parts, but like many of their products not cheap and like you said not realy scale and actually not listed on their website.
I think they will do it in machined form like on MP 4/6 too, pretty sure they have other (less) machine costs like Thunder Valley, see the other machined parts Top Studio sells. The bare metal look is awesome, like it much more then casted and painted parts, so i pray they will show up with machined parts. :)
The costs might be high yes, this first cockpit set is higher priced i thought it might be, but i`m fine with it as long as i see machined dumpers in the next set! :lol:
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