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Postby atlantakat1 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:16 pm

Teles wrote:Hehehe, no no I'm not a professional modeler, I'm a lawyer here in Brazil and my conection with Michel (MTR) is only as a costumer, I bought a lot of AMD-Ace-Checkered Flag kits but never saw him personally (the only kit he has from me is the Fittipaldi F9 I made a long time ago converting a F8D from RTN Models and a friend made copies for him - but I didn't see one cent from it :D :D :D ).
But I admit my numbers are high, it's the result of 30 year making plastic models and something similar to Ford's assembly line that I use to make four kits per month (my "to do" pile is tooooo big and with 49 y.o. if want to built all the kits before my death is necessary to work this way... :D :D :D )
My entire collection can be seen at the blog in my signature here and at facebook ("Garagem do Teles", in english Teles' Garage - Teles is one of my surnames). I'll begin to use more the facebook and instagram in a few days, follow there that new pics will appear.

PS: congrats for all, here in the forum we can see very very good works!!!

You are an inspiration to all aging lawyers!

And 2019 was quite a good year for Brabhams, Tyrells and Tolemans!
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