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MFH Porsche 917 Le Mans Winner 1971 in 1:12 Scale

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Re: MFH Porsche 917 Le Mans Winner 1971 in 1:12 Scale

Postby sky1911 » Wed Sep 09, 2020 6:31 am

Hi Sebastian,

I think Uli uses mostly Autograph screws and bolts from what I remember. Without having checked their shop, I can't say if that is a) 100% accurate, b) if they are still available or c) if you might find similar replacements elsewhere. 3D-printing is definitely an alternative if you have a printer yourself and minimal 3D-designing skills. Or you can browse through the online catalogues for the larger online printing services (shapeways, frexion?).
If you are looking for actual metal pieces, you might also want to check out scalehardware. They used to have good offers but since management changed "recently" I'm not sure if prices have gone up or are still reasonable.
And of course there is always Top Studio and other manufacturers to provide you with bolts, rivets and other assorted bits and pieces. No links to those since I usually buy those in larger quantities via whatever shop is most convenient for me at the time. Ordering individual bags of 20 rivets from Japan to Europe just doesn't make sense ;)

As an aside, I've added the links above, but am not in any shape or form affiliated with either of them. You can get similar stuff from other sources everywhere.

As for the part missing - are you referring to the white "triangular" shaped wheel hub? Maybe someone around here can cast a quick copy. If not, I would suggest contacting MFH directly (look around here, the Hiro support email address should be floating around this forum) via their email and ask for a replacement part. From what I hear they usually get back to you relatively sharpish so you can continue building. If contacting MFH I would suggest stating the kit # and also the part # from the instructions to avoid confusion :)
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Re: MFH Porsche 917 Le Mans Winner 1971 in 1:12 Scale

Postby VR2 » Thu Sep 10, 2020 3:55 am

Hi Sebastian,

as Roman correctly noted, I'm mainly using nuts and bolts from Autograph (Germany). They are made from stainless steel and available in different sizes. For smaller screws, Knupfer (also a German based Company) offers a wide range of high precision nuts and bolts (mainly in brass or brass/nickel plated). Autograph is shipping ww, for Knupfer, I'm not sure. Dummy bolts printed on a DLP 3D printer (e.g. Anycubic) can also lead to perfect results especially when airbrushed with Alclad II (e.g. Chrome, Polished Alu, etc.). You don't need to apply primer on the printed bolts, you can simply spray the Alcald direct on the parts.

Good luck and have fun with your P917 project :-) ... mine is on hold since a while but will be continued after the RSR got finished.

Best regards,
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Re: MFH Porsche 917 Le Mans Winner 1971 in 1:12 Scale

Postby pixar1744 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 4:24 am

Thanks for the responses.

The option with the 3d printer is my favorite one but i am still waiting for the newer bigger volume printing machines like the elegoo saturn or others. As mechanical engineer cad Should not be a problem. I started a couple of weeks ago to draw the 1:12 italerie alfa romeo monza engine.
Mfh was very quick by responding my request for the missing part. And today i think 10 days later i got the missing parts from the postman.

Best regards
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