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Postby lupisenna » Tue Sep 17, 2019 4:55 pm

I'm sorry to give only now an answer to the comments. :oops:

But thank you for your feedback! :D

stubeck wrote:Looks great. Seriously, if you said it was a real bike I would have believed you!

I feel that I can improve even more at the photo session...

jaydar wrote:I have built quite a few 1/12 bike kits from Tamiya and others and they all have this problem to a varying degree. I have used these: ... tsttd23040

or similar. You could do the whole bike in 20 minutes.

BTW, it is a very nice build. I have that one in the pile along with all of the aftermarket.

Thank you for the tip to the aftermarket product I'll buy it!
I bought/won this kit on a ebay auction the seller put as used, but he didn't refer that it were with all aftermarket... It was a very good surprise for 30 euros included shipping costs! 8)

Marcel wrote:The Chain is a pain ;-)

To fix on the kit that's a pain to me I needed at least 4 hands! :mrgreen:

indygp2001 wrote:What my beef is - is that Tamiya didn't adorn some of their 1/12 F1, etc., kits in some "Detail Sets" with the same attention of detail / Quality that they used when doing your kit. They really missed the boat.
I almost purchased the rivet detail set made for your Honda to use on some of the F1s as they are some of the best turned parts I have ever seen! Oh well...

I agree with you they could do "Details Sets" not only to the F1 cars, but to others 1:12 cars, also.
It would be a must! 8)

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