What are the colors for Ferrari Formula One cars?

early 70's (not sure when exactly) until 1985, cars were the same colour - similar to TS8.  1986 to 1996 inclusive (being F186 - F310) were a slightly different red, but still similar to TS8. 1997 (F310-B) to 2003 (F2003-GA) semi-flouro TS49 F2004 - Monaco 2007 - Bright Flouro Red Post Monaco 2007 - 2008 - Candy Apple Red (TS Clear Red over TS Gold I believe) 2009 (F60) - TS85 2010 onwards - TS8 with a very light (almost indistinguishable) pearl effect.


I'm not sure about this conclusion, from this photo, the 640 and 641 and onward have obviously different red. The red on 640 and 156/85 is almost the same to F310B.




and this the following photo, the red on 312T3 is slightly brighter or the same to 156/85