Changing e-mail and password

Hallo Eric,

my first account is since many years under the name' ferrarissimus'. I got another account some years before under this nam' testarossa'  when the site stopped loading up pictures posting a WIP on the basis that I reached the maximum of posts.

Now this 'testarossa' acount disables  my new e-mail account for the 'ferrarissimus' account.  Having no password and a valid e-mail adress I can not enter my 'ferrarissimus' account. 

Please tell me how I can solve the problem.

thanks ferrarissimus 

Your email is bouncing which is why you cant get into the ferrarissimus account.  

Please email me at or from your current email account and I will change the email for ferrarissimus




Eric, please fwd this note to ferrarissimus:

I still would like to purchase youe Fujimi Ferrari 126C2 clear kit.

My zip is 98012,  thanx, Kirk (indygp2001)