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Things seems to have migrated over pretty well. I am still working on a couple things, but I thought I would let everyone take a look around.  Everyone's accounts are migrated over - you might be able to log in with your old password, but I doubt it.

Use the 'Request New Password' function in the login box to get a new password.Note that the new and classic F1M.com areas are pretty separate - logging into one does not log you into the other.

You'll also have to manually move things like signatures and your avatar/image over - use the 'My Account' link above.

There are still a number of things I need to do, so the site may go offline without a lot of notice. Please take a look around and try things out.

Send me a PM if you see any issues - also, its possible that folks are allowed to do access administrative functions unintentionally. If you see any info your not sure about or have abilities you don't think you should have, also let me know...

Thanks, Eric

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This is a test comment.

The F1M.com guy...

old pass seems to be working for me wim

I thought that was the case when I logged in with one of may alternative account, but I was not sure. Of course, Its also possible that someone might have a goofy password which might not migrate correctly... 

Eric Aitala, Ph.D.

This is slick, I like it! It will take a while to figure it all out but that should be easy!
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I have to get used to this..................teaching old dog new tricks is hard. ;)


It may take a little time before I get all the style issues worked out.  I'm more concerned about getting the content set up at the moment.



Eric Aitala, Ph.D.