Wanted - Tires and wheels for Tamiya Ferrari 641/2 1:12th

I am looking for a set (a pair would be ideal) of tires and wheels (front and rear) for the Tamiya 1:12th Ferrari 641/2. Anyone have extra they can part with? I am located in Canada. Just PM me. Thanks!
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Hey Lep:  

Why don't you ordered it through Borgfeldt (since they are the sole Tamiya Canada wholesaler)?  www.borgfeldt.ca  They are from Ontario so they are not that far 905-946-9677.  They are quick, reasonable and friendly.  I ordered missing parts and extra parts through them.  

Regards, Canice

Calgary, Alberta


Thanks Canice. I did reach out to them and was able to source the tires and decals.


Hi there, I'm brand new to this forum and website after only very recently getting back into modelling and RC. I have. Pair of rear and front sponge tyres which will suit. Part numbers 50397 and 50398. I've waiting to arrive from the U.S.