Tyrrell 003 1/12 restoration

I have a 1/12 Tamiya 003 that needs a restoration.. Has anyone undertaken a restoration of this kit. Any advice/info/tips would be gladly accepted
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I have not restored this particular kit, but I like to restore my old kits from time to time.  I take them apart as carfully as possible. Get a glue debonder to loosen up without breaking the fragile pieces.  Get a plastic craft box or two with dividers to organize the parts by assembly so you can work on bits at a time without driving yourself crazy looking for pieces when you come and go on the job.

Keep sub assemblies together that can be painted like the engine block, trans, brakes, exhaust.  Strip all the chrome, paint and decals (including suspension, exhaust, brake rotors) with purple power or other degreaser that will not harm the plastic. Re-chrome piece by piece with gloss black undercoat and Alclad or Spatzstix Chrome.  Prep and repaint everything like it was a new kit. Get some turned velocity stacks.  Try and locate an old instruction book, it will help alot.

Old rubber can come to life with black shoe polish applied sparingly with an old cloth.  Get some vintage tire decals from Indycals.  S27 has an awesome 1/12 003 set for the British GP winner.  Gravity and Zero paints have great Tyrrell blue.

You can polish old window glass with novus, dip it in future. 

I look forward to seeing how it comes out!


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Is there any chance to debond parts glued with polyestirene cement?

Just a simple question (I hope)...

Can anybody tell me which blue/color for the Tyrrell cars is more accurate?  The Zero paint or the Gravity color?  Or is it similar?