Site Update

Update #11

  • I have migrated the FAQ info from the Archive to the new site but I need to clean it up a bit.

Update #10

  • Over this weekend I'm going to do a little more site cleanup - including removing the Old F1M Profile information.  We might be down a little bit as well.

Update #9

Update #8

    Update #7

    • Updated the Hobby Shop Map display - it now shows a list of the recently updated locations. Also, you can now edit the locations to indicate if something is out of date.
    • Did a little more work on the Map, plus cleaned up the home page to only show news. 

    Update #6

    • Added a new Member Maps page.  It pulls the location from the new F1M Profile information which members will need to update.

    Update #5

    • Changed some styling to make the Forums look nicer on mobile.  Please let me know if it has any issues.

    Update #4

    • Doing some minor theme tweaks to make things look a little nicer.  I won't be doing a full theme redesign for a little while.

    Update #3

    • I am reworking the user account profiles.  The old information could not entirely be moved into the new site the way we need, so you may see a "Profile" block on the right menu to complete some information.

    Update #2

    • To fix an issue with Time Zones, I have set everyones to 'America/New York'. If you need to change this, go to the 'My Account' link in the top menu or go to
      • The was a sub-issue with Timezones for the Forums and the new site.  That should be fixed now.
    • The previous F1M site is online at You should be able to log in there with your password but note that this site and the archive currently are using seperate logins but that may change soon, if I can get that feature working. So you will need your old login and password there, if you changed it here.
    • F1M messages (non Forum) will not be migrated to the new site.  You can access your old ones at
    • Email logins are back on both sites.  That may change, so be warned 


    • The site seems to be online..  Forums should be working.

    Sometime in the next two weeks, I am going to do the second major update of F1M.  The site will be down a day or so while I attempt this.

    Once back online, things will be a bit different - and it may take a couple weeks to make it look nice - but the goal is to have most of the site content migrated to a new setup, plus the Forums.  The only thing that definitely will not be immediately migrated is the Gallery.  There might be a couple other things that are not moved in this go 'round, but the plan is to get all content migrated over at some point.

    The immediate impact is that I'm splitting the site in two...  the new site, with eveything I can migrate and the Forums, and the archive site with the Galleries and content I don't get to.  You should be able to log into either site seamlessly, along with the Forums, but I obviously can't test that before I make the change.  Keep your finger crossed.


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    Just as a heads up, my time zone wasn't moved to NY, it was the default one. I've manually moved it over now.

    I'm seeing that for a few people..  I thought I got it set, but dates/time and timezones are one of those odd things..


    Eric Aitala, Ph.D.

    Enjoy moddelling 

    Guessing that overwrites the FAQs I moved over a few months ago then?

    I dont think so but I can check

    Eric Aitala, Ph.D.