removing perished tyres

can anyone offer advice as to removing old perished tyres. I have a 1/12 Lotus 49b whose tyres have perished and they look as though they are punctured. I have managed to source some new Firestone tyres. would appreciate any advice as to how I should remove the old perished tyres without breaking tbe wheel from the hub. Likewise what is the best way to slide the new tyre onto the existing/attached wheel? apprciate any advice thanks
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My approach would be to use a hot-knife approach where I take the tip of an exacto blade knife and heat it over open flame, then try to use that hot knife to cut through the sidewalls of the tire.  Heat / cut / repeat until you're satisfied that you've got most of the tire off, then the area right near the rim should just come off each side of the wheel by hand.  You'll have to chop up the inner sidewall of course to get it off since it's landlocked by the suspension, but the outer wall should come off. 

If the tire rubber doesn't react enough to the heat, my next option would be to use the dremel with a cutting disk and carefully chop through the tire the same way. 

No particular advice on sliding new ones on - have not tried that on an already-mounted wheel I must say.