ESPN's Coverage.

Ok, I can accept that there was an issue with the pre-race show.  ESPN couldn't help that.

And I admit it never occured to me that ESPN would break away for commercials.  But it should have occurred to them and that people would not like it. That is their job. Like their only job since they are doing nothing else during their broadcast.

I think we are in for a long painful season.

Oh, and is anyone surprised that the OTT service from F1 was delayed?  Yeah, planning to release an app two days before potentially millions of people download it, shows a level of cluelessness reaching new heights.  Ask the Pokemon Go folks.


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From ridiculous to sublime!

The only times I have ever seen an F1 race without a break have been in person at the USGP -- and then only when I have not overdone the Fosters during the race!

Bravo ESPN (and "Mothers").