Chevron Models' 1/12 scale M'76 transkit instructions in English

Joaquin (f1m name: Joaquin) and I have completed an English instructions set for Chevron Models' "M'76 transkit", to make a 1/12 Tamiya 1975 Yardley M23 into a (James Hunt-like) 1976 McLaren M23.  These instructions are complete, and meant to replace the somewhat misspelt, hand-written, English margin notes that came with some M'76 transkits.  They also:

  • Explain all assembly steps, not just some.
  • Correct a few typographical errors, and so are actually better than the original Japanese.
  • Tell how to use a cut-out pattern for the Upper Body (that was only included in later transkit releases with no explanation, and which some people may not even have), to widen the top front suspension openings.  
  • Have been updated so that people using either an old original 1975-issue, or a 2012-re-issue Yardley as a base-kit can follow along.

What is more, I have permission from Chevron Models' president, Mr. Sato, to post these instructions on f1m.  He was quite enthused to have even an old product advertised to the English-speaking world.  However, Mr. Sato would like everyone to know that:

  • He no longer has this M'76 transkit in stock, and no plans to re-release it in the near future.
  • He no longer distributes through Hapico in the USA, but his 1/12 windshield sets and seat belt sets, listed under "Other Chevron Products" (on page 2), as well as other RC car body, chassis, tyre, etc. products, may now be purchased through e-mail inquiry at Romu Model Garage ( by clicking on their US/ UK/ Chinese flag banner.

Finally, a big thank you.  These instructions were an f1m community effort, and demonstrate what can be done when seven members cooperate through this site.  Joaquin has done a fantastic job on the PDFs for us.  And I could not have completed the translation without the help of Derek (Icon_Modeler), Roman (sky1911), Guido (gp-models), Flemming (Flemming) and Brian (rasputen), who kindly provided scans of the base-kit instructions and/or valuable feedback from the kits they have.


  Chris (eagle50)

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Somehow I didn't notice this news until now, thanks Chris and all the other members who helped out! These pdf's are really useful 

Great work Chris and Joaquin! Turned out nicely and as Jeff said, very helpfull :)