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Top 5 Things To Know About License Plate Lookup - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:05

The license plate number of any vehicle is just as important as the car itself. This indicates that such a car has been duly registered under the regulations of the country in which the vehicle is being used. Also, the characteristics of these license plates differ, as they are also affected by the various regions in which they are duly registered.

More importantly, these license plates make it easier to identify and monitor the critical details of any car. Therefore, many people engage in license plate lookup. A license plate lookup involves sourcing information on a particular vehicle. As a prospective car buyer, you can use the free license plate lookup by Epicvin, which allows you to get verified information on a car’s accident history, usage, and a host of other important information. However, before you delve into searching for the perfect vehicle for you via license plate lookups, there are some exciting things you may need to know about license plate lookups.

What Kind of Information Can You Get Via a License Plate Lookup

You can uncover a lot of information about a particular car through a license plate lookup. For instance, if a driver hits your car and speeds off, you can pen down the license plate number, source for the driver’s name, and file a lawsuit.

Additionally, suppose you are a prospective car buyer looking for a used car. In that case, you can use the car’s license plate number, run a free lookup, and obtain vital information about the vehicle. Engaging a third-party lookup site allows you to gain access to certain information that will typically not be accessible to the public. This restriction is due to the regulations placed by governmental agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which involves tons of paperwork and red-tapism.

Engaging the free license plate lookup by EpicVin, for instance, will allow you access to the following:

1.    Public Records

Through this free license plate lookup by EpicVin, you can obtain meaningful details about a vehicle’s prior owner. In addition, you can further get information about the driver’s possible felonies, misdemeanors, and even felonies —but of course, that is not the meat of this discourse.

Through a license plate lookup, you can obtain crucial information about a car on its specifications, fuel efficiency, market value, safety rating, warranties, and a host of other information.

2.    Traffic Court Records

Although this information may not be the most important to a prospective car buyer, it may be helpful for a prospective buyer of a used car to gather information and relevant facts about the current registered owner of the vehicle. You can also obtain information about traffic accidents, court data, and even traffic law violations by the previous owners and drivers of the car.

3.    Maintenance history

You can gather relevant facts about a car’s maintenance record through a license plate lookup. This report may also contain salvage, junk, and loss records.

You Can Also Engage in Reverse License Plate

Where you don’t have a car’s particular vehicle information number (VIN), you can engage in what is known as the “reverse license plate lookup.”The requirements for such license plate lookup include the plate number of the car and the state that issued such plate number. Through this, you can discover comprehensive information about the car in question.

With free license plate lookup by EpicVin, you can engage in cost-efficient and time-saving license plate search. You can access the factory-issued model information through our plate search, including the year, engine, and other information. In addition, through our free license plate search, you can avoid buying or using cars prone to legal issues or hidden accident damage brands.

Limitations on License Plate Number Lookups

As mentioned earlier, a ton of restrictions are placed on getting information on vehicles that may have been previously used. At this juncture, it is also essential to state that certain opinions abound that EpicVin gathers information about a vehicle’s history through illegal means. Contrary to this inference, EpicVin collects its data from verifiable databases, such as the United State Department of Transportation and the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. Regarding gathering the correct information for its users, EpicVin ensures that only information gotten through these publicly verifiable documents is granted to its users. Aso, when getting a used car, you may be required to obtain written consent or legal authorization for full data access.

Regarding limitations placed on license plate number lookups, the United States passed the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act in 1993. The implication of this law is to prohibit states from granting private owner information in license plate lookups. Nevertheless, a few exceptions exist where these pieces of data can be given out. These exceptions include the following:

  • Governmental agencies may need such information as it may be incidental to their work.
  • Granting out the information when it comes to matters of driver safety or theft.
  • Litigants seeking such information in the pursuit of a case.
Is Epicvin License Plate Check Service Free?

With the free license plate lookup by EpicVin, you don’t have to worry about expending any cost whatsoever. You also don’t have to bother about any hidden charges as well. With EpicVin, you are guaranteed quality service that does not cost a dime.

How Do I Perform a free license Plate Check with EpicVin?

Finally, if you want to carry out a license plate lookup on EpicVin’s website, simply head to the Lookup page of the site. Then, enter the license plate and state where it was registered, and hit ‘Check Plate.’ Alternatively, you can perform a reverse license plate lookup using the above steps.


In conclusion, license plate lookups ease you from the stress of gathering the required information about a vehicle. At EpicVin, we assure you of verifiable details at no cost whatsoever!

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F1 NATION: Perez perfection as Alonso plays another ace – it’s our Saudi Arabian GP review

Formula 1 - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:00
There was plenty to talk about as the dust settled on the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, as Sergio Perez came out on top in a battle against Red Bull team mate Max Verstappen and the Aston Martin of Fernando Alonso starred again – with the F1 Nation gang here to digest it all.
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Magnussen ‘really happy’ after last-gasp pass on Tsunoda clinches point at Jeddah

Formula 1 - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:00
Kevin Magnussen turned on the pace – and did it in style – with a late-race move on AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda for P10 and the final point in Saudi Arabia for Haas.
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SAY WHAT?! Russell's confusion, traffic chaos and joy for Perez all feature in the best team radio from Saudi Arabia

Formula 1 - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:00
The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend had it all, from qualifying shocks to crashes, breakdown to penalties. As the drivers got down to business, nerves were frayed even at this early part of the season – all of which was evident over team radio…
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WINNERS AND LOSERS: Who thrived under the lights at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix?

Formula 1 - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:00
The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was a display in utter dominance from a Red Bull team who appear to have built one of the all-time great F1 race cars. While that made for a frustrating race for some rivals, there were shoots of hope for others. We’ve picked our six winners and five losers from Jeddah.
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MONDAY MORNING DEBRIEF: How Jeddah highlighted the fascinating battle between Aston Martin, Ferrari and Mercedes

Formula 1 - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:00
It doesn’t require any detailed analysis to understand that the Red Bulls once again had a huge margin of superiority over the field. But the performance hierarchy of the three teams immediately behind Red Bull – Aston Martin, Mercedes and Ferrari – was actually much closer than Fernando Alonso’s front row start and early lead of the race for Aston made it look.
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ICYMI: Go behind the scenes with the best social media from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Formula 1 - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:00
It was another dramatic Grand Prix weekend in Saudi Arabia with frenetic track action and some post-race podium drama. Understandable, then, if you missed what social media had to offer. Here are some of the highlights...
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Hamilton points out the ‘biggest issue’ he faced on the way to P5 in Saudi Arabia

Formula 1 - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:00
Lewis Hamilton held off the Ferraris and finished in the top five at Jeddah but the seven-time champion wasn’t over the moon with his result in the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, as he saw room for improvement.
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FIA to issue rule clarification ahead of Australian Grand Prix after Alonso podium drama in Jeddah

Formula 1 - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:00
F1’s governing body, the FIA, has confirmed that the circumstances surrounding Fernando Alonso losing his podium finish at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and then its reinstatement, will be addressed before the next round in Australia.
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Sainz says it's 'difficult to take positives' from Ferrari's Saudi Arabian weekend

Formula 1 - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 04:00
Carlos Sainz came home sixth in Saudi Arabia ahead of team mate Charles Leclerc as Ferrari left Jeddah fourth in the constructors' standings, and the Spaniard had little to smile about.
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Open Seating • Re: Model shops in Tokyo?

F1M Forums - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 03:17
I’ve got another shop for you…Automodeli GT by Finishers. It is near Ueno, so not far from Akiharbara. Closest metro station is Inaricho, and it’s about 3.5 blocks down Kiyosubashi-dori Ave (turn left from station exit) The owner is the producer of Finishers paints, and is a motor racing and sci-fi fan. He usually has a good selection of resin kits from MFH, Studio 27 etc as well as 1/43, and aftermarket decals/pe. He also buys up collections, so there are often heaps of older kits (including aircraft) at good prices. Check their Facebook page as opening hours vary…normally closed Mon and Tues and open 1400-1900.

Statistics: Posted by F1Xena — Tue Mar 21, 2023 3:17 am

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2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix weekend F1 driver ratings | 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

F1Fanatic - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 03:15
Formula 1 drivers kept it clean on the demanding Jeddah circuit. Here are RaceFans' in-depth driver ratings for the Saudi Arabian GP weekend.
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Fernando Alonso lashes out at the FIA - Tue, 03/21/2023 - 02:00

Double world champion Fernando Alonso hit out at the FIA for putting on a “poor show” after Sunday’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, following a podium fiasco that took several hours to solve.

Alonso once again performed brilliantly for Aston Martin at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, with the Spaniard having claimed a second consecutive podium for the Silverstone-based team.

The 41-year-old finished third despite having served a five-second time penalty during his one and only pit-stop, after starting outside his grid slot.

Whilst the Aston Martin driver was busy celebrating on the podium, though, it was announced that Alonso had been awarded a 10-second penalty, after the FIA deemed that the rear jack had been touching the car whilst the penalty was being served.

READ: Michael Schumacher would’ve prevented Mick’s Haas mistreatment

This left Alonso and Aston Martin furious, given that the Spanish driver served his penalty on Lap 19/50.

The team were only informed about a further investigation on the final lap of the race, outside of article 16.3.

Article 16.3 of the Sporting Regulations states: “Any decision or communication concerning a particular Competitor should be given to him within twenty-five (25) minutes of such decision, and receipt must be acknowledged.”

The FIA, therefore, failed to comply with article 16.3, whilst they later also agreed that the rear jack was simply touching the car and not “working” on it, which is illegal whilst serving a penalty.

It meant that George Russell was promoted to third for roughly four hours, before Alonso’s podium was reinstated.

The FIA are set to clarify the rules ahead of next weekend’s Australian Grand Prix, to avoid further confusion.

Before his podium was reinstated, Alonso criticised the FIA for not putting “on a good show for our fans”, with their decision having become the biggest talking point.

“I was on the podium, I did pictures, I took the trophy, I celebrated and now I have apparently three points less. I don’t have 15, I have 12,” Alonso told Sky Sports F1.

“I think it is more FIA, poor show. You cannot apply a penalty 35 laps after the pit stop. They had enough time to inform about the penalty. If I knew that, maybe then I open up 11 seconds to the car behind.

“Today, we didn’t put on a good show for our fans. I know the team is trying to review it with the stewards now because we didn’t understand fully the second penalty.”

Sebastian #Vettel becomes lead investor in performance drink brand

— (@Formula1newsUK) March 20, 2023

READ: Will Buxton criticises FIA after 2023 Saudi Arabian GP

Team principal Mike Krack revealed after the 10-second penalty was announced that “no advantage” came from the rear jack touching the car, something the FIA seemingly agreed.

“The regulation said you may not work on the car, it’s maybe a little bit ambiguous but this is something that we need to look at,” said Krack.

“We have a clear procedure for it, we have a countdown, and everything was fully safe. No advantage came from it.”

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For Sale • Re: 1/12 and 1/24 F1 kits FS

F1M Forums - Mon, 03/20/2023 - 23:46
Ferrari and P34 are available again.

Statistics: Posted by tubegenius — Mon Mar 20, 2023 11:46 pm

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Mercedes “have more performance in the locker” for coming races – Russell | RaceFans Round-up

F1Fanatic - Mon, 03/20/2023 - 20:01
In the round-up: Mercedes "have more performance in the locker" for coming races - Russell • Tight midfield "crazy" - Zhou • Norris describes watch theft
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Fernando Alonso dismisses copying accusation after Sergio Perez’s joke - Mon, 03/20/2023 - 17:00

Ahead of this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the design of Aston Martin’s AMR23 was a big talking point, with both Red Bull and Mercedes having accused the Silverstone-based team of copying their design.

The debate started ahead of the 2023 season-opener in Bahrain, after Aston Martin demonstrated during pre-season testing that they are a real threat to the usual leading trio this season.

Aston Martin’s solid pre-season was backed up by a podium at the season-opener, with Fernando Alonso having finished third at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

What followed Alonso’s podium was claims that Aston Martin had imitated the current leading teams, with Red Bull boss Christian Horner having recognised similarities between the British side’s 2023 car and the Austrians’ dominant 2022 challenger.

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“They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery,” said Horner at the Bahrain GP, “and it’s good to see the old car going so well.”

Even during the post-race press conference, Sergio Pérez joked that there were three Red Bulls on the podium, with Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko having added that the employees who moved to Aston Martin “have a good memory”.

“There’s a reason for that. Not only did Fallows change, but also some other employees and they obviously have a good memory,” Marko told Sky Deutschland.

Marko went on to admit that all the comments directed at Aston Martin were simply “humorous remarks”, not that Alonso cares much anyway.

“I don’t care about the comments at all,” Alonso told Marca, when asked for his thoughts on Red Bull’s and Mercedes’ claims of copying.

“I’m not fazed except to focus on my team and improve… But you can clearly see that there are differences between the two cars at a glance.”

Whilst Red Bull’s copying claims are more chassis and sidepod-related, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has labelled the AMR23 as “half ours”.

Being a Mercedes customer team, Aston Martin have the same engine, rear suspension, and gearbox as the Silver Arrows, whilst they also both use the same wind tunnel.

Wolff’s comment in particular left Alonso feeling perplexed, with the double world champion having added that Red Bull’s and Mercedes’ concepts are the complete opposite of each other.

“Visually they are different and an example of this is that Mercedes says that 50 percent of their car is ours [engine, gearbox and suspension] and Red Bull says that 50 percent is theirs… and there can be no two more different concepts than those two,” said Alonso.

#Ferrari announce replacement for head of vehicle concepts

— (@Formula1newsUK) March 19, 2023

READ: Christian Horner demands Sergio Perez be on his ‘A-game’ not just with Max Verstappen

“That clearly indicates that neither of the two theories is true.

“We have a different concept than those two cars although it is true that visually all the cars look a bit alike. If you take the black cars, well, the Ferrari, the Haas and the Alfa Romeo also look very similar to each other.”

Given that Alonso will start this weekend’s Saudi Arabian GP from the front row, the likelihood is that further imitations comments will be made at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit on Sunday.

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Martin Brundle claims Lewis Hamilton using new negotiation tactic for Mercedes contract - Mon, 03/20/2023 - 16:50

Lewis Hamilton’s contract situation was the topic on everybody’s lips over the winter break, with both the seven-time world champions and his Mercedes boss Toto Wolff confirming that their relationship will continue.

Strangely however, the 2023 season has now begun and Hamilton is still yet to put pen to paper on a new deal, with rumours now starting to emerge that he could depart Mercedes at the end of the year.

The Silver Arrows have started the season poorly, with their W14 concept not allowing them to compete with the likes of Red Bull and Ferrari for the title this season.

Lewis Hamilton has stunning suggested that his team owe him an apology, claiming that he knew exactly what needed to be done last season but Mercedes refused to listen to him.

READ: ‘How can you say that?’ Jenson Button laughs off George Russell claim

Whilst these comments have led some fans to speculate that the Brit might bid farewell to Mercedes at the end of the season, Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle has suggested that it is all a part of Hamilton’s contract negotiation tactics.

“We have to remember Lewis is in the middle of a negotiation as well,” he said.

“I’m 100 percent certain Lewis would always follow the performance and not the money, but you aren’t going to turn down a big pay cheque if you can get it as well.

“They might be some pressure at Mercedes-Benz to reduce his pay, as it were. So there’s a bit of negotiation and a bit of game-play in this as well.”

With Mercedes struggling to compete so far this season, Brundle has suggested that Hamilton has every right to question his team’s decisions, with the zero sidepod concept clearly being the wrong one once again this year.

“I don’t think Lewis is in any different position to say Lando or Charles at Ferrari of stamping their feet a little bit and saying: ‘hang on, what are you doing about this?” Brundle explained.

Andretti hire technical director amid #Formula1 entry plans

— (@Formula1newsUK) March 15, 2023

READ: Karun Chandhok makes bold Max Verstappen claim ahead of Saudi GP

“Tell me what we’re going in terms of updates, in terms of personnel, in terms of moving this game forward because it looks an awful lot like last year at the moment.”

Hamilton has been linked with a move to Ferrari next season, with the 38-year-old previously admitting that he is a Ferrari fan and that he would have liked to have driven for the team.

The seven-time world champion has however told the media that he will be at Mercedes next season no matter what, expressing his confidence in Mercedes’ ability to get back to the top.

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Max Verstappen admits he could retire from Formula 1 because of this - Mon, 03/20/2023 - 16:41

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen has confirmed once again that he is “seriously thinking” about retiring from Formula 1 in just five years’ time, when his lucrative Red Bull contract expires.

Verstappen’s future post-2028 is something that’s been discussed several times, with the Dutchman having admitted several times that there are other things he wants to do in his life other than race at the pinnacle of motorsport.

Remarkably, if the 25-year-old does decide to quit F1 at the end of 2028, then he’ll retire from the sport at just 31 years old.

By that point, he could be an eight-time world champion, if he wins the championship every year until his contract expires.

READ: More Ferrari employees to defect after engineer set to join McLaren

Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko has recently revealed that Verstappen is the sort of person who would leave the sport when his contract expires, should he have “had enough”.

“If Max has had enough after 2028, he will stop,” Marko said.

“He is just the type who can make such a decision.”

The double world champion is against spending his “best years physically just in F1”, with Verstappen being completely against the calendar continuing to expand.

In the Red Bull driver’s eyes, 23 races is simply too much, with it being too demanding for the drivers to keep up with.

He seemingly already knows what he wants to do when he does decide to leave F1, suggesting that he really considering retiring in 2028.

“Yes, I am seriously thinking about it,” Verstappen.

“I know I’m very lucky to drive a Formula 1 car. I can do what I want, but at some point it doesn’t matter. I already have a lot of plans for what I want to do.

Sergio Perez handed boost in fight with Max #Verstappen after Helmut Marko makes surprising claim

— (@Formula1newsUK) March 14, 2023

READ: ‘Maybe in Jeddah’: Mike Krack fires Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll warning

“It’s also about quality of life,” he explained.

“There are other things in life besides Formula 1. I have a contract until 2028 and after that I’ll see.

“I don’t want to spend my best years physically just in Formula 1. With the races multiplying, 23 or 24 a year is far too many.”

Verstappen would still have had a 14-year career in F1 should he retire at the end of 2028 despite his age, with the Dutchman having, of course, made his F1 debut in 2015 at just 17 years old.

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Fernando Alonso delivers stunning response to Red Bull copying accusations - Mon, 03/20/2023 - 16:32

After weeks of Aston Martin being accused of copying Red Bull and Mercedes, double world champion Fernando Alonso has responded by saying that the Silverstone-based team are the ones being copied.

Red Bull and Mercedes have both questioned Aston Martin’s concept, with Mercedes boss Toto Wolff having gone as far as stating that the bulk of the AMR23 is in fact the Germans.

Aston Martin boasts the same engine, rear suspension, and gearbox as Mercedes, with the duo also using the same wind tunnel.

Alonso had to deal with several comments after finishing third at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, with Sergio Pérez having joked that there were “three Red Bulls” on the podium at the Bahrain International Circuit.

READ: McLaren explain ‘cautious’ approach to upgrades as Lando Norris running low on patience

Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko made similar comments, before backtracking on what he said ahead of this weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

“That’s not meant to be an accusation either. Those are just joking remarks. If you look in the field, the Aston Martin is the car most similar to the Red Bull,” Marko said following claims that the Austrians believe Aston Martin copied their concept.

The likelihood is that Aston Martin and Alonso will have to put up with more “imitation” comments after Sunday’s race at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, given that Alonso starts on the front row alongside Pérez.

Alonso has a great chance at claiming back-to-back podiums on Sunday, something which will likely further frustrate Red Bull and Mercedes.

“I don’t think, you know, two Red Bulls are on the first row tomorrow. I think they are very different,” said Alonso.

“Red Bull said that the cars were the same, but they are very different. And also Toto said that the cars were the same: the Mercedes and the Aston because we share 50 per cent of the car or something like that.

Charles #Leclerc praises Oscar Piastri in Saudi Arabia

— (@Formula1newsUK) March 19, 2023

READ: Lewis Hamilton claims he’s pleased for George Russell

“But it seems that everyone is an Aston Martin now.”

Whilst Alonso has been busy responding to the claims made by Mercedes and Red Bull, Aston Martin team principal Mike Krack is refusing to get involved in a “war of words” with his counterparts at the leading sides.

“I mean, we always decided we will not go into any war of words.”

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FIA invites tyre manufacturers to bid for F1 supply contract from 2025 | 2023 F1 season

F1Fanatic - Mon, 03/20/2023 - 15:44
The FIA has opened a tender calling for tyre suppliers to submit offers to become the exclusive tyre supplier for Formula 1 and its two top junior series from 2025.
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