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Does anyone have a ‘killer upgrade’ for Catalunya? Spanish GP talking points | 2022 Spanish Grand Prix

F1Fanatic - Mon, 05/16/2022 - 02:18
Will any team make a major step forward in Spain? Can F1's new cars race better at a tricky track for passing? Five talking points for the Spanish Grand Prix.
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Leclerc crashes Lauda’s Ferrari 312B3 at Monaco GP Historic after brake problem | RaceFans Round-up

F1Fanatic - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 19:01
In the round-up: Leclerc crashes Laudi's 1973 Ferrari • Giovinazzi finding Formula E "difficult" • McLaren prospect Ugochukwu wins first car race
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Ex-F1 driver slams ‘lame duck’ Carlos Sainz

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 16:00

After suffering back-to-back retirements at the Australian and Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz Jr made his much-needed return to the podium at the recent Miami Grand Prix.

The Spaniard, who started second alongside his team-mate, made a great initial launch off the line.

Disappointingly for Sainz though, he was overtaken around the outside by Max Verstappen at the very first corner, dropping the Ferrari driver down to third.

Sainz never looked set to trouble neither Leclerc or Verstappen, with the latter going on to win the inaugural race at the Miami International Autodrome.

Sainz, at times, had to defend from Sergio Pérez, however, the Spaniard massively benefited from the Red Bull driver suffering a reliability issue halfway through the race.

It meant that for the majority of the grand prix, Sainz was untroubled, as he secured his first podium since the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

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Ex-Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers was quick to criticise the 27-year-old on the NOS Formule 1-podcast, particularly Sainz’ defending from Verstappen on the first lap.

Lammers labelled Sainz as a “lame duck” and believes the Spanish driver should’ve “done better”.

“Carlos should have gone much more to the outside at that start and given Max much less space, because if Max had to go even wider he would have had very little grip,” said Lammers,

“The fact that Carlos let himself be passed like a lame duck was very strange. Carlos could have done better.”

Whilst Lammers slammed Sainz, he did the complete opposite for the race winner.

Lammers, who made his debut in Formula 1 back in 1979, was full of praise for the 2021 World Champion.

“It all started at the start, because there he [Verstappen] showed how to do it,” he said.

“It looks so subtle and you think he has a better start than Carlos Sainz, but he didn’t have that at all. That top-four went away fairly evenly, but he really made the difference with the braking,” continued Lammers,

“It was really great that he kept Carlos on the inside as tight as possible. Carlos had no momentum. He did it in a classic, great way.”

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Verstappen’s win in Miami continues the Dutchman’s record of winning every race he has finished so far in 2022.

Sainz will be hoping for a better performance at the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix, his home race.

A number of teams, including both Ferrari and Red Bull, are set to bring upgrades to the venue which hosted the official shakedown test .

Red Bull’s upgrades will see them hit their “optimum weight”, whilst the Scuderia’s first major upgrades of the season will see the F1-75 shed two-three kilograms.

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Revealed: Masi remains on FIA payroll as ben Sulayem hints at race director’s return

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 15:08

In an astonishing admission by FIA President Mohammed ben Sulayem, controversial race director Michael Masi might be on the cusp of a return to Formula 1.

Masi was dropped from his role following the shocking end to the 2021 season, after the Australian failed to follow the rulebook in the closing laps of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

During the late safety car at the Yas Marina Circuit, Masi allowed only the cars between Sir Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen to unlap themselves, but no-one else.

Verstappen, who was on new soft tyres, whilst Hamilton was on very old hards, made light-work of the British driver when the final lap of racing was allowed to get underway.

The Dutchman went on to claim the 2021 title, and open a can full of worms for Masi.

The Mercedes F1 Team were outraged by the race director’s decision, after a number of rules were broken in the race’s final few laps.

READ: Hamilton slammed for making ‘big fuss’ with new race director

Whilst backing-up the pack before the safety car restart, Hamilton, who was the race leader at the time and on-track for his eighth title, stated over the radio that the race had been “manipulated”.

Prior to the 2022 season, Masi was sacked as the race director not by Ben Sulayem but by the World Motorsport Council.

Ben Sulayem put Masi’ mistakes at the season finale down to “human error”, but was insistent when talking to the Daily Mail that the FIA haven’t gotten “rid” of the Australian.

“I didn’t get rid of Michael. He had a personal overload (of work) – safety delegate as well as race director. He made a mistake. It is not as if we said it is the end of Masi with the FIA.” he told SportsMail,

“I don’t do that sort of thing. Even people who didn’t vote for me, I embrace. We don’t think of individuals. We think of the operation itself.

“I don’t know Michael very well. The decision (to sack him as race director) was made by the World Council. It was human error on Michael’s part.”

As well as Hamilton, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff would be wildly against Masi returning to the sport.

Wolff recently referred to the race director as a “liability”, however, according to SportsMail, Masi remains on the FIA’s payroll.

“I spoke to him two days ago. I have no personal issue (with him). I don’t hate anyone,” ben Sulayem admitted.

“Michael is there and we might use him. I didn’t say we were getting rid of him. I said we might use him. He may be in a good place to use. We are open to everything.

“Our race structure was wrong organisationally. And though we have brought in two new race directors, I wouldn’t say we have got it all right yet. We need to clean the stables.

“It’s not like going to a supermarket and asking for some more stewards. You need firm and fair people, tolerant people. I am thinking, for example, of bringing in rally co-drivers, who have plenty of multi-tasking skills that are required, and training them up. We need a recruitment drive.

“This lack of people in the FIA needs to be addressed. I would like to see a minimum of three race directors, ideally by the beginning of next year,” he added.

For the 2022 season, two race directors were introduced, namely Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas.

The pair will rotate throughout the championship, with Freitas set to make his debut at the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix.

Wittich will still be in attendance at the event in Barcelona, just not in charge of the proceedings.

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‘That’s not true’: Lando Norris’ height ridiculed by fellow drivers

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 14:41

Formula 1’s Grill the Grid series has produced some iconic moments since its introduction.

The series, which usually features wacky challenges, allows fans to see a driver’s personality when they’re not racing at over 200mph.

The most recent episode was no different, with drivers challenged to arrange their heights in order, from tallest to shortest.

The challenge at hand certainly raised a few of the driver’s eyebrows, especially when it came to the correct order being revealed.

However, it was Lando Norris’ height which caused the greatest debate and disbelief amongst them.

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Whilst making his own predictions, Norris stated that he was “183cm on a good day”, which is a whisker over six-foot.

His true height though, was revealed to be 176cm, the same as Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

Alex Albon, in hilarious fashion, was quick to disagree with the team producing the show.

“Has he had a growth spurt since I last saw him? Because that’s not true,” Albon said.

The Williams racer, alongside his team-mate Nicholas Latifi, are the joint-second tallest drivers in the paddock, measuring 186cm.

The Williams duo are both just a centimetre shorter than Esteban Ocon, who is unsurprisingly the tallest on the grid.

Charles Leclerc was another driver to joke about Norris’ height; the Ferrari driver measured 4cm taller than the McLaren driver.

“No way Lando is here,” Leclerc said.

The Monegasque responded by asking: “Mick and Lando are the same height?”

“And Seb, yeah,” a woman behind the camera responded.

“All behind me?”

“Yeah,” was the reply.

“Poor Lando,” joked the championship leader.

Latifi, like many others, was surprised Norris wasn’t closer to the bottom.

The Canadian driver expected the Brit to be much lower on the leaderboard.

He asked, “Norris is not towards the bottom end?… I think that’s a lie.”

Whilst Ocon was declared as the tallest driver, Yuki Tsunoda was announced to no surprise as being the shortest.

The Japanese driver is 159cm tall, 12cm shorter than the next on the list, Fernando Alonso.

28cm separated the smallest and tallest driver, with just two centimetres separating the four tallest.

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Leclerc and Binotto comment on Ferrari’s upcoming aero upgrades

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 14:03

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto estimates that Red Bull gained two tenths of a second per lap as a result of the upgrades they introduced at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Having been comprehensively beaten on pace by Ferrari in Australia, Red Bull arrived Imola with a raft of upgrades that were described as a “risk” by adviser Dr Helmut Marko given the hour of practice they had to test them out before Friday qualifying.

They evidently worked though as Max Verstappen won both the sprint and the race itself, before beating Charles Leclerc to victory in Miami to cut the Monegasque’s championship advantage to 19 points following two reliability-induced retirements in the first three rounds.

READ: Leclerc hoping for big boost at Spanish GP as Ferrari bring key upgrade package

Ferrari gave new engines to Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in the last two but, asides from skids on the back of the car to help with stability and limit “porpoising,” have not added anything major to the car since the beginning of the year.

They intend to do so in the Spanish Grand Prix in just over a week, with adaptations expected to be made to the sidepods and wings.

Binotto is aware of the importance of making the new upgrade as functional as possible in their bid to re-establish control over Red Bull in the title fight.

“In the next races it will be at least our turn to try to develop as much as we can the car by introducing upgrades,” said Binotto.

“I think it’s not a surprise that we may have a package in Barcelona which will be important for us.

“As usual I hope that the package we are introducing is working as expected in order to try to catch up the current gap we’ve got compared to the Red Bull.”

The Italian corroborated the earlier predictions of Red Bull’s predicted gain in lap time by saying that they “got a couple of tenths per lap faster to us.”

He went into the finer details of where the Milton Keynes-based side have managed to enhance their performance relative to Ferrari.

“Red Bull has been very good in that respect, they were very good on the medium tyres to be as fast as us in the very slow speed corners,” he said.

“The reason why is that it’s something that we need to assess and understand.

“And, in fact, I believe it’s that they have got upgrades in the last races that have made their car simply faster.”

Championship leader Charles Leclerc has won two of the opening five rounds of the season, but has watched Verstappen claim the last two wins.

Lando #Norris makes shocking admission about #McLaren’s pace https://t.co/7kzT4drYry

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 11, 2022

While the Monegasque is aware that the Scuderia must gain back the time they have lost to Red Bull after their upturn in form, he maintains that “the concern is not there”.

“Of course, they’ve been improving. I think we all expected them to be improving. They are a very strong team and we are aware of this so it’s not a surprise,” he added.

“But I am also confident about my team, and I’m sure that will bring upgrades that will bring us back to the top.

“I hope so. But we are working well and we’ve been working very well in the past few years to come back on top.

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“So, I hope that those upgrades will help us to challenge them again.”

Spain will be the first of a string of three European races, before the circus travels back to North America for the first Canadian Grand Prix since 2019.

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Red Bull says ‘it’s up to the FIA to police’ as he reacts to fresh Ferrari cheating allegations

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 13:24

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is satisfied that Ferrari did not break any rules during the tyre test in Imola, and is glad to see that the FIA carried out their investigation professionally.

There was an element of controversy around Ferrari during the prototype tyre test after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix a few weeks back after they appeared to install a revised floor during one of the days of running, but they were found to have run that specification during pre-season testing.

The sporting regulations indicate that specifications run during tyre tests should be a setup that has been run earlier in the year, so the Scuderia were found not to have contravened any rules.

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Horner has no complaints about this, affirming that the FIA carried out their checks vigilantly.

“Ultimately, it’s up to the FIA to police because the understanding of the regulations regarding tyre testing is you have to run in a fixed format of car specification,” he said, quoted by GPFans.

“If you need to replace a part, it can only be to an older specification of part that has previously run. 

“I think the excitement about the Ferrari floor was that it appeared to have, it was certainly different between the morning and the afternoon and appeared to have some new components. 

“The FIA has subsequently confirmed that Ferrari ran that floor in pre-season testing, so therefore, it complies and I think, as I say, it’s for the FIA to do that police work and due diligence.”

#Ferrari warned #Verstappen will be champion unless they address this weakness https://t.co/DPHM9DSJ3o

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 13, 2022

However, the 48-year-old insinuates that running different aerodynamic setups in two different sessions is a form of car testing rather than tyre testing.

“What we certainly want to avoid is, because these cars are so immature, it’s still very early in the development stage, that tyre tests don’t turn into aerodynamic or performance development tests,” he added

“That is not the purpose of those tests.”

Horner’s Mercedes counterpart Toto Wolff did not want to go into too much detail about the FIA’s governance of the matter.

“I haven’t followed that in detail. I’ve seen, obviously, the tweet with the two pictures,” he explained.

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“But the FIA just needs to be on top of these things. It can’t be that any team runs a component in an environment it shouldn’t be doing and I guess if the FIA was not 100% on it, I’m sure they will be now.”

The test in question was a 2023 prototype as Pirelli seek to gain information on how best to formulate next year’s rubber.

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Why F1 is spending $240m on a Las Vegas construction plot

Motorsport.com - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 13:02
It might not have been a perfectly smooth weekend, but the Miami Grand Prix was a huge success for Formula 1.
The crowds came, the place was thronged with more A-listers than we’ve ever seen at one event, and in the end we had a decent race, helped by a late safety car that livened things up.
It was another important step in the sport’s bid to have a stronger presence in the USA in the ...Keep reading
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Alpine warned of Alonso’s frustration after ‘angry’ Miami Grand Prix

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 12:40

Fernando Alonso had an inaugural Miami Grand Prix to forget, following two late five-second time penalties.

The Spaniard initially crossed the line at the Miami International Autodrome in eighth place, however, he was dropped to eleventh after the time penalties were applied.

The first penalty was awarded to Alonso for an overambitious move on Pierre Gasly.

The Alpine driver attempted a late move on the Frenchman at Turn 1, colliding with the AlphaTauri driver in the process.

READ: Ferrari boss concedes Red Bull have pace advantage, warns ‘it’s our turn’ to bring upgrades

This collision actually had a further impact on the Grand Prix, as on the same lap Gasly collided into Lando Norris as a result of the damage he picked up following his incident with Alonso.

The Gasly, Norris incident saw the race’s only Safety Car deployed, which in effect was the reason for Alonso not picking up a points finish.

The double world champion’s second penalty was actually announced several hours after the race had finished.

It was declared that Alonso ran-off the circuit and gained an advantage, resulting in another five-second time penalty.

The initial penalty saw the Spaniard drop only behind his team-mate, Esteban Ocon, who finished eighth after an incredible drive having started in the pit-lane.

When the second penalty was added to Alonso’s finishing time, he dropped behind Alex Albon and Lance Stroll, with the latter inheriting a points finish.

Like his team-mate, Stroll also started from the pit-lane.

The Canadian who crossed the line in eleventh, inherited tenth thanks to Alonso’s penalties, as explained by Martin Brundle.

“This allowed the excellent Alex Albon into ninth and two points for Williams, and the pit lane starting Lance Stroll a well-deserved point for Aston Martin. They were both driving well all weekend.”

Former-racer turned pundit, Brundle praised Ocon for his great recovery having started from the pit-lane.

“Esteban Ocon came from the back in a newly created car to finish an impressive eighth for Alpine,” Brundle said,

“Along with the Aston Martins, he’s a good reminder that, with the easier to follow 2022 cars and copious DRS zones, with some decent strategy and pit stops, along with patience, you can score points from anywhere on the grid or even the pit lane.”

Alonso has demonstrated strong pace at the majority of races so far this season, the Spaniard though has only collected two points in 2022.

Similar to Max Verstappen, Alonso has seen the start of his season hampered by reliability issues.

Brundle believes the Spaniard is “carrying a lot of frustration”, as his solid pace continues to be meaningless.

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“Fernando Alonso had an angry and clumsy race to forget, making contact on a couple of occasions and taking penalties for both that and cutting the track to finish out of the points,” he said.

“He’s carrying a lot of frustration as this season unfolds with solid speed but only two points alongside his name from the first race of the season.”

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Early slick tyre call set up Indy GP victory – Herta | IndyCar

F1Fanatic - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 12:29
Colton Herta credited his and his father Bryan Herta's call to change to slick tyres after just two laps with putting him in position to win the 2022 Grand Prix of Indianapolis.
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TEAM PROFILE: Can McLaren’s upward trajectory continue in 2022?

Formula 1 - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 12:00
Only one team scored a one-two in 2021 – and it wasn’t Red Bull or Mercedes…
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LONG READ: Otmar Szafnauer on taking the reins at Alpine, the team’s 100-race success plan and his Aston Martin departure

Formula 1 - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 12:00
Otmar Szafnauer doesn’t change Formula 1 teams lightly. In his 24 years in the sport, Szafnauer has effectively only been part of three squads.
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TEAM PROFILE: Are Ferrari in the box seat for 2022?

Formula 1 - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 12:00
It’s been a lean few years at Maranello – but hope has dawned in 2022, with the competitive-out-of-the-box F1-75, driven by the crack pairing of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.
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‘It’s physics, not mystics’: Wolff suggests Barcelona could be turning point for Hamilton and Mercedes

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 11:29

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has not ruled out the possibility that the team may decide to run wider sidepods in a bid to try and improve their fortunes, but he would like to make the “zeropods” work.

The new technical regulations have cultivated lots of different concepts from the teams, and one of the most surprising was that pf Mercedes when they showed up to the second pre-season test in Bahrain which virtually no sidepods on the car.

It necessitated a different cooling philosophy and left the floor of the car mostly exposed, leaving it vulnerable to extrusion of airflow, which does not help the “porpoising” phenomenon.

READ: Schumacher slams Hamilton and Vettel for being poor role models amid fresh row with FIA

Indeed, the Silver Arrows have found themselves in a midfield battle more often than they have been fighting Ferrari and Red Bull for podiums, but it seemed as though they had a better comprehension of how to make their car work at last weekend’s Miami Grand Prix.

George Russell led home Sir Lewis Hamilton as they finished fifth and sixth respectively, although they are patently still a long way behind Ferrari and Red Bull, who dominated the top four positions in Florida.

Alterations will therefore undoubtedly be considered by the Brackley-based side, but the Austrian recognises the many hours of work that went into designing and making their current iteration of the W13, so would like to stick it out and make their unique idea work.

“Well, I wouldn’t discount anything but we need to give all of our people who have produced great race cars in the past the benefit of the doubt, and we believe this is the route to go down,” he told the Race.

“Barcelona is definitely going to be a point in time when we are able to correlate with what we’ve seen in February [in the first test there with the old concept] and gather more data.

“I’m also annoyed by always saying the same thing a lot: gathering data and making experiments but it’s physics and not mystics.”

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner revealed previously that his team had trialled a near absence of sidepods last year while they were preparing for the new regulations, but concluded that orthodox ones were the way to go.

Wolff places more emphasis on discerning why Mercedes’ current design is not working rather than switching to something entirely new, a pragmatic approach that might be wise given the reduced budget this season.

“We’re not looking at the lady next door and if we like it more or not, because it’s still good,” he explained.

“As a matter of fact, we need to understand – before you make a decision to switch to another concept – where did this one go wrong?

“What is the goodness of the concept and what is the badness of the concept?

“And that is a question you can only respond to yourself, but I would be asking ourselves to get an answer after Barcelona, because that’s the real correlation we have.

“And by then, we’ve got to look at ourselves in the mirror and say: ‘did we get it wrong or not?’”

Mercedes looked quicker and more consistent during the weekend in Miami, but they were left “confused” as to Russell’s Q2 exit having looked so competitive on Friday.

The performance fluctuation is a frustrating one for the team, but the Wolff takes heart in the fact that at least they know the performance is there, they just need to find it more often.

“It’s clear that there is potential in the car, which is fast but we just don’t understand how to unlock the potential,” added the 50-year-old.

“It’s a car that is super-difficult to drive and on the edge, dipping in and out of the performance window – more out than in.

“And dissecting the data with a scalpel is just a painful process because it takes a very long time and as a matter of fact the data sometimes doesn’t show what the drivers tell us.

‘That’s what your job is!’ Hamilton slams #Mercedes after finishing behind Russell in #MiamiGP https://t.co/73LHtvxkAa

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 9, 2022

“Certainly they have their hands full with a car that is not at all comfortable to drive or nice to drive or predictable to drive.”

The Austrian divulges that the issue lies in the fact that the drivers’ feedback does not match up with the data they are collecting.

“But the data doesn’t show these big swings. We haven’t had this situation before where it just doesn’t correlate what we see on the screens with what the driver feels,” he said.

READ: Lewis Hamilton ‘grateful’ for improved qualifying performance in Miami

“That’s making it even more difficult.”

Hamilton’s eight points move him back into the top six ahead of Lando Norris, while Russell continues to sit six points clear of Carlos Sainz after the Spaniard managed a podium finish in Florida.

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Verstappen handed boost as Horner dismisses Ferrari boss’ claim about Red Bull development

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 10:22

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has revealed that the weight of the car is affecting tyre wear, so getting the weight down is going to lead to a multitude of improvements for his team.

The Milton Keynes side made a difficult start to the year after three reliability failures between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in the first three races, which cost them podiums in Bahrain and Australia.

Even had it not been for the issue in Melbourne, Charles Leclerc was comfortably beating Verstappen to the victory, so Horner was slightly concerned about pace of the car coupled with a lack of reliability.

READ: Newey doesn’t agree that ‘things are looking pretty good’ for Verstappen and Red Bull

“I’d rather fix a fast car than try and make a reliable, slow one fast,” he told Sky Sports.

They evidently did just that with the changes they made ahead of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, which also lost them up to 5kg, and the Dutchman comfortably led home Perez for the team’s first one-two since 2016 while Ferrari suffered a woeful weekend at his home race.

“You saw in Imola how quickly things can move around and I think we’ve got some interesting races coming up,” explained Horner, quoted by the Express, before revealing that there are more evolutions planned for the summer months that should further enhance their performance.

“The car’s running well. We’ve got some developments coming hopefully later in the summer that will help as well,” he added.

“We need to save a little bit of weight. You can always improve everywhere. 

“We need to improve the slow [corner] stuff, we need to lose a couple of kilos off the car; tyre deg is then the result of weight so it’s all those little incremental gains that you’re always chasing.”

Verstappen would then take victory in Miami, but they might have had another maximum points haul had it not been for a sensor issue for the Mexican, who was unable to capitalise on an error at the pit stop for Carlos Sainz due to the bags of time lost through the problem.

Horner is not concerned about that, assuring that they will collaborate with Honda to eradicate the small hindrances.

“I don’t think the car is particularly fragile,” he said.

“I just think there have been niggly things that you’ve normally seen in pre-season testing that have only reared their head now. So that is frustrating, but we are working closely with HRC [Honda Racing Corporation] and they are giving us great support, and we’ll get those things figured out.”

#Ferrari warned #Verstappen will be champion unless they address this weakness https://t.co/DPHM9DSJ3o

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 13, 2022

Such are the unique respective strengths of the Red Bull and Ferrari that the 48-year-old stresses the significance of making sure to extract every last bit of performance from the areas where they are quick.

Miami’s long straights and slow corners lent themselves well to the Milton Keynes-based side, and they used them to great effect.

“It’s been nip-and-tuck and Barcelona is a whole new challenge, high-speed corners, and we know that Ferrari are strong in that area,” he explained.

READ: Carlos Sainz wants ‘unique’ Spanish GP victory

“It’s horses for courses and this circuit [Miami] suited us, we were able to make it work and get the result.”

Red Bull are six points adrift of Ferrari after Verstappen’s dominant victories in the last two races.

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De Vries muscles past Mortara at start to win second Berlin EPrix | Formula E

F1Fanatic - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 09:56
Reigning Formula E world champion Nyck de Vries pulled away from the Venturi of Edoardo Mortara to win the second Berlin EPrix.
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Hamilton slammed for making ‘big fuss’ with new race director

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 09:02

Venturi Formula E driver Lucas di Grassi does not believe there should be so much resistance from Formula 1 drivers, such as Sir Lewis Hamilton, surrounding the jewellery debate.

In 2005, a regulation was created banning jewellery and other metallic artefacts from being worn in the car due to the fire hazard risk attached to it, and the ban applied to all FIA sanctioned events.

At that time, Red Bull drivers Christian Klien and Vitantonio Liuzzi wore piercings in their ears and, while the Austrian did not seem to have an issue with not wearing his jewels during sessions, the then 23-year-old affirmed that they would have to “cut my ear off” to stop him from wearing his earrings.

READ: Carlos Sainz wants ‘unique’ Spanish GP victory

The governing body gave the drivers another reminder ahead of the Miami Grand Prix weekend that jewellery is prohibited, and that the drivers are all eligible to be checked to make sure that their underwear is fireproof.

Sebastian Vettel indicated that Hamilton was being “targeted” by the clampdown, and the Briton’s retort was that the sport has “bigger fish to fry,” while wearing notably more jewellery to the press conference in Florida.

Former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher called both of them “childish” for their protestations and di Grassi, who raced 17 times for the Virgin team in 2010, advised Hamilton not to make a “big fuss” out of a regulation that, ultimately, is in place to save lives.

“The rule has been around since forever,” he told RaceFans.

“It’s just that it’s more critical now that we are operating with high voltage vehicles – regardless if it’s hybrid or it is fully electric, you have high-voltage systems and you cannot have metal around you. It’s a standard rule if you work in a high-voltage environment. Even wedding rings and everything else. 

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“So I don’t make a big fuss about it. I take my rings out in a race and then put them back. So I don’t know why this big fuss is really about. It is just for safety and that’s it.”

Di Grassi was one of three Formula E drivers – the other two being Jean Eric Verge and Andre Lotterer – to receive a fine for not wearing fireproof underwear in 2018.

“It’s the same with the underwear. I was fined €10,000 because I was wearing the wrong underwear, but back then we had a reason because we jumped from one car to another, so you had to make sure that everything was in the right place when we were putting the seatbelt,” explained the Brazilian.

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“So that was the reason before. But since we don’t jump from one car anymore, there’s no reason to do that.”

Hamilton has been given until the Monaco Grand Prix to make his permanent pieces on his ears and nose temporary.

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Leclerc crashes ex-Niki Lauda Ferrari F1 car at Monaco Historic GP

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The 2022 Bahrain and Australian GP winner was on his third lap aboard the 1972 Ferrari 312B3 as part of a parade alongside ex-Ferrari driver and six-time Le Mans 24 Hours victor Jacky Ickx.
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FIA president ‘in support’ of new team as Andretti warns Red Bull have too much leverage over Formula 1

Formula1news.co.uk - Sun, 05/15/2022 - 08:29

Former Formula 1 Michael Andretti has confirmed that he has held talks with FIA President Mohammed ben Sulayem about a possible entry into Formula 1.

Andretti had made an attempt to purchase the Sauber Group last season which would ultimately have seen the arrival of young IndyCar star Colton Herta into the pinnacle of motorsport, but this ultimately fell through.

Rumours have tenuously linked him with a possible move to buy Gene Haas’ team which he introduced in 2016, but no official bid is reported to have been made.

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But the son of 1978 world champion Mario and a podium finisher in his own right has since applied to have his own team on the grid in 2024, and he now reveals that ben Sulayem is on board with the idea of introducing a fourth brand-new team since 2010.

“I think he’s in support, but there’s a big process that’s got to go through and all that stuff,” he said during the Miami Grand Prix weekend.

“He said he’s in support in the process. There’s still a long way to go. But it’s nice, Mohammed liked what we presented.

“I don’t want to say too much, they don’t want to talk about it too much. But [there have been] positive things.”

Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess recently warned that, even working with an existing team, it takes years of development to make a competitive engine package, so it is highly likely that Andretti would be asking an established manufacturer to power his team.

He is aware of the size of the project at hand, but he insists that he has been diligent in his preparation for life as a team owner in the pinnacle of motorsport.

“We’re taking a risk, but we think it’s worth the risk. Because we’ve got to get the ball rolling. So we’re hiring people and things like that,” he explained.

Concerns have been raised around the American’s arrival though, with Red Bull boss Christian Horner affirming that any new entrant must “add value” to the sport, while Haas team principal Guenther Steiner suggested that 10 teams is sufficient for now.

Andretti, of course, disagrees with that.

“10 teams is not the right number,” he stated.

“If you really think about it, they’ve got the Concorde Agreement coming up in ’25. Now, Red Bull owns two teams. They say they’re pulling out, now you’ve got 16 cars.

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“You can’t have a race with 16 cars. You can have a race with 18 cars. To me, it gives them way more leverage with the teams by having extra teams.”

Despite the lack of support from his peers, the 59-year-old affirms that there are plenty of people in support of his bid.

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“I think millions of people embracing it. It’s just not the right people at the moment,” he said.

It remains to be seen whether Herta would feature in Andretti’s driver line-up after journalist Joe Saward tipped the 22-year-old to replace the “lost” Daniel Ricciardo by 2024.

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Seidl: New F1 race director set-up has made ‘very good start’

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The FIA restructured its F1 operations for this year following the controversial end to the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi that saw race director Michael Masi fail to implement the regulations.
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