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WATCH: Get ready for HAASCAR as Magnussen and Schumacher get their oval racing game on

Formula 1 - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 14:00
Haas may be a Formula 1 squad – but they also have close ties with the Stewart-Haas Racing NASCAR team over in the United States. So, with the inaugural Miami Grand Prix done and dusted, Haas F1 drivers Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher headed up to Charlotte to get their NASCAR on.
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‘Nice’ to see Mick Schumacher in a more competitive car

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 13:38

Former Formula 1 drivers Marc Surer is pleased to see that Mick Schumacher is in a car capable of scoring points after Haas’ wretched 2021 campaign.

Haas spent the majority of the 2021 season preparing for the new technical regulations introduced this year, and they failed to score a single point as a result, with their best result coming by way of a P13 through Schumacher in Hungary.

Their development has paid off this year though and Kevin Magnussen, who was re-signed to replace the sacked Nikita Mazepin amid Russia’s war on Ukraine, has managed points in three of the opening five rounds of the year.

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A combination of mistakes and misfortune has cost Schumacher the chance it put his first points on the board, and though title credentials may be questionable at this stage, Surer has few concerns as to the 23-year-old’s ability to become a “good driver.”

“He will be a good driver. I would doubt whether he will become World Champion, but I wouldn’t rule it out,” he said.

It looked as though there might be a real chance of getting into the top 10 in Miami for the German, but his mistimed dive down the inside on Sebastian Vettel meant that his scoreless run now stands at 27 race entries.

Aston Martin boss Mike Krack described the move as “over-zealous” from Schumacher, and Surer agrees.

“The main mistake was Mick’s. He was rattled there,” he affirmed, eluding to the mistake Schumacher made that put Vettel ahead of him right before they crashed.

“Vettel was in front and has to give in at some point. He can’t continue straight just because Mick might be half off.”

Schumacher has generally been quicker and more competitive in his second season in series than his first, as evidenced by the two bites of the cherry he had at Formula 3 and Formula 2 before winning those championships, and Surer believes he is settling nicely into Haas now.

“That was also his strength in the lower formulas, in the end he won races and the championship – and that’s how I see it now,” he explained.

“At the beginning, he had a huge gap to Magnussen, who had more experience, knew the team. That was of course an unfair comparison.”

The Swiss notes that Schumacher, having out-qualified Magnussen for the second time this season in Miami, was generally the faster of the two Haas cars, so he reckons the 2019 F2 champion is on the right track.

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“But he has worked it out now, is becoming more constant – and it’s more Magnussen who has fluctuations. That’s why I think it’s nice that Mick will be in a faster team the whole year,” added the 11-time points finisher.

Haas’ tremendous start to the year has perhaps wavered slightly in recent weeks partly due to the astronomical improvements of McLaren, and they find themselves seventh in the Constructors’ Championship ahead of AlphaTauri, Aston Martin and Williams.

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Can Ferrari overturn their pace deficit to Red Bull in Spain?

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 13:03

The Spanish Grand Prix, for many years now, has been symbolic as one of the first European races of the year and the first real opportunity for the teams to bring major upgrades to their cars.

That pattern has, however, looked slightly different this year after both Red Bull and Mercedes made changes to their respective cars that appeared to make a difference to their pace.

Red Bull are said to have lost up to 5kg with the upgrade they introduced to the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, and it has helped Max Verstappen to two consecutive wins in Imola and Miami, with Ferrari unable to provide an answer to the Austrian’s outfit’s race pace.

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The Milton Keynes-based side gained around two tenths of a second per lap with the adaptations, but Ferrari opted not to make any changes due to the limited testing time everyone had that weekend with the first sprint event of the year taking place.

However, the Scuderia are reported to be making a host of changes to the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend, including a lighter floor and a new diffuser that will help them lose weight and increase their straight-line speed by limiting “porpoising” and improving stability as a result.

Reportedly, Ferrari aim to cut 3kg off their car’s weight as a result, and the time gain should be three or four tenths, which could be enough to swing the advantage back in their favour.

Team principal Mattia Binotto will certainly be hoping that such an improvement would move them back ahead of their title rivals in the timesheets, as he does not believe there is much separating them anyway after his team’s qualifying performances.

“I don’t think that the difference is huge. It is a matter of maximum a couple of tenths and we should not forget that [in Miami] we locked the front row,” he said.

“In qualifying we had a better performance compared to the Red Bull, so overall, in a weekend, I don’t think there is much difference between the Red Bull and the Ferrari.”

The Italian also predicted that the changes Red Bull have already made will have incurred a significant amount of costs relative to their $140 million spending budget.

“If there is a concern, it is how much they are developing considering the budget gap. But more than a concern, maybe it is a hope because at some stage they will need to stop,” he explained.

However, suggestions that Red Bull have gone through most of their development budget this year have been described as “nonsense” by adviser Dr Helmut Marko, and fresh reports indicate that they only spent just over $6 million of the $36 million set aside for evolutions of the RB18.

Responding to Binotto’s claim that Red Bull will soon have to halt their development, the Austrian reminded Ferrari of the impact that Carlos Sainz’s accidents will have had on their spending.

Indeed, the Spaniard has suffered major incidents in all of the last three races after spinning out of the Australian Grand Prix early doors, before crashing during qualifying in Imola.

He was wiped out of the race in Bologna by Daniel Ricciardo, before slamming his Ferrari into a concrete barrier during practice for the Miami Grand Prix.

The 27-year-old would love a victory at the Spanish Grand Prix to get himself back on track after a troubled few weeks.

“It would be unique, because it would be the first and it would be at home, for that I work every day and try to get it as soon as possible. The fans will want it, but the one who wants the most is me,” he affirmed.

Leclerc and #Sainz set for Barcelona boost as #Ferrari bring upgrade https://t.co/muJsqtrVLo

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 14, 2022

“That they support me as much as they can, because every little thing they do is noticeable from the car. At home I have always done my best races, I always scored points when I had a car to do it.

“And this year, when there is a car for the podium, we will try win. I remember going to the Spanish GP in 2005 and 2006, with the grandstands full when Fernando was winning races.”

But such an achievement will be challenging for both Sainz and Leclerc, as Red Bull are reported to be taking an incredible 7kg off their car with upgrades of their own this weekend, and if estimations are to be believed, this will put them to within 3kg of the 798kg set by the FIA.

Such a loss in weight would be hugely significant in the battle between the two teams, and if they really are cutting that much weight from their car, Ferrari will need to respond quickly.

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This will be difficult to do given the “major” changes Red Bull have coming for the British Grand Prix, so all is looking good for the four-time constructors’ champions.

Things change quickly in F1 though, so the developmental battle will be an intriguing one all throughout the season, but the Spanish Grand Prix is set to be a very telling one as the leading two fight it out to establish dominance in this fascinating season.

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Steiner opens up on Schumacher underperforming relative to Magnussen

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 12:33

The Haas F1 Team have successfully recovered from their pointless 2021 campaign, with the return of Kevin Magnussen proving vital to the team’s success.

Magnussen, who returned to Haas at the start of the season to replace Nikita Mazepin, has been one of the star drivers of 2022 so far.

The Dane has scored all fifteen of Haas’ points to date, putting him tenth currently in the drivers’ championship.

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Whilst Magnussen has instantly delivered results, Mick Schumacher has struggled to match his more experienced team-mate.

Schumacher was praised in 2021 for getting the most out of the worst car on the grid, however, the German has failed to perform this year despite having a points scoring car at his disposal.

Mick, the son of Michael Schumacher is still yet to score his first point in Formula 1.

The young German was on-track to achieve this at the recent Miami Grand Prix, before attempting a late move on his “mentor” Sebastian Vettel.

This move at Turn 1 saw Schumacher require a new front-wing which ended his hopes a points finish.

In 2021, it was evident early on that Schumacher was the number one driver in the American team.

Magnussen’s impressive performances this season though, has seen Schumacher arguably drop to second fiddle at Haas.

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner, is hoping that Schumacher can rise to Magnussen’s “level”, after not making an improvement yet since the last season.

“I wouldn’t say a big step over the winter,” Steiner told the media.

“I think, [with] this year, he had a reference, and there was a reason why we took Kevin back. We know what he can do.

“Obviously, Kevin is a good driver, and for Mick now he has got a reference, and he just needs to come up to that level.

“But he knows that, and he has got a good opportunity to do that. He will take it at some stage, hopefully sooner [rather] than later, because we would like him to score points as well, like a lot of other people.”

Schumacher is yet to make the leap from overachieving backmarker to points finisher.

Steiner does believe that the 23-year-old is still “maturing”, but is hopeful that he’ll score “his first point soon”.

“He is maturing, and this year I told him, [the] higher up we get, the thinner the air is getting,” he explained.

“It’s getting more and more difficult, the higher up in the standings we are. Getting into the points is not easy, because there’s a lot of good people there and a lot of good teams there, so hopefully he can get his first point soon.” he concluded.

Schumacher’s next opportunity to score his first points comes at this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, the Haas driver finished 18th at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya last season, which is immediately followed by the Monaco Grand Prix.

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‘I’m not a saint’ as Vettel declares his concern over the future

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 12:01

Ahead of this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel made a sensational appearance on British television show Question Time, as the German driver debated ongoing environmental issues.

The political debate show sees the audience ask a selection of guest panelists questions regarding current topical issues.

The four-time World Champion represented himself and Formula 1 superbly, giving highly educated answers throughout.

A key topic discussed on the show was fossil fuels, and how some countries remain too dependant on them.

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Formula 1 relies heavily on fossil fuels, however, the sport is trying to become more carbon friendly and reduce its enormous carbon footprint.

Vettel discussed his concerns over fossil fuels in depth.

“We need to stop being dependent [on fossil fuels], and we can, because there are solutions in place,” Vettel said.

“You know, in Britain, you have this sort of goldmine you’re sitting on, which is wind, and you have the ability to increase your energy supply with wind power, solar.

“Every country has its strengths and weaknesses. If you go to Austria, they have the Alps and they have water, they can pump it up, store it, take it back down.”

Vettel went on to admit that he questions himself whether racing is right, whenever he gets out of his AMR22.

“It’s something that I’m asking myself. There’s certain things that are in my control, and certain things are not,” the German continued.

“It’s my passion to drive a car. Every time I step in the car, I love it. When I get out of the car, of course I’m thinking as well: ‘Is this something we should do, travel the world, wasting resources?'”

The 34-year-old discussed on the show how he tries to help the environment in the areas he can control, such as his mode of transport between events.

“There’s things that I do because I feel I can do them better. Do I take the plane every time? No, not when I can take the car,” the Aston Martin driver added.

“But there’s certain things in my control, and certain things outside.”

Vettel has over the last few years become an environmental activist, the Aston Martin driver has been seen wearing t-shirts and specially designed helmets in support of certain issues.

Host of the show, Fiona Bruce, questioned Vettel over whether he was a hypocrite, for being in support of environmental change but also being a Formula 1 driver.

The audience laughed prior to the German’s response, however, he was quickly met by applause from the crowd.

“It does, and you’re right. You’re right when you laugh, because there’s questions I ask myself every day,” Vettel responded.

“I’m not a saint. I’m very concerned when it comes to the future.”

The ongoing pandemic was also talked about on the show.

Formula 1 was one of the first sports to restart following the global eruption of the Coronavirus, something which Vettel believes stopped people from “probably going mad”.

“On the other hand, you know, we were entertaining people during Covid,” he said.

“We were one of the first ones to start again, when everybody’s heads were about to explode.

“I’m not saying Formula 1 has this huge position in the world to deliver entertainment. There’s plenty of people – if you talk about entertainment, sports, culture, comedy – a lot of people who couldn’t perform, and a lot of people missed that.

“And I think if we didn’t have that, in general, we’d probably go mad,” Vettel concluded.

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Formula 2 adds French Grand Prix support races | Formula 2

F1Fanatic - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 11:55
Formula 2 has announced it will race alongside the French Grand Prix this year, following the cancellation of its round in Sochi.
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Verstappen currently ‘one step better’ than Leclerc

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 11:44

Former Formula 1 driver Shinji Nakano believes that Max Verstappen’s ability is slightly edging Charles Leclerc’s at present.

The new technical regulations and the subsequent re-introduction of ground effect aerodynamics required new thinking and evolved philosophies, not just from the teams, but the drivers too.

It is patently not so easy for the drivers to swing the cars into corners any more due to the reduced aerodynamic efficiency of the machines, and adjusting driving style accordingly is a big part of extracting performance as a result.

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Staying closer to the car in front through corners has become easier too, and this is the reason we have seen some “smart tricks” from the title protagonists as they vie for DRS advantage.

There are multiple facets of driving techniques that can be distinguished from previous years, but Nakano points to the drivers’ ability to maintain car balance through the corners as a key one.

Leclerc span in Imola while chasing down Sergio Pere after taking too much kerb, and Carlos Sainz has been involved in multiple spins and crashes, while Verstappen and Perez have generally been keeping themselves out of trouble in the first five rounds of 2022.

The Japanese has been observing some of the key differences between the top four.

“The difference in their driving style is becoming clearer this year,” he said, quoted by Sportsmole.

“Leclerc and Sainz use different techniques to stabilise the car with the ground effect. Leclerc overlaps the braking and throttle, while Sainz is more orthodox as he uses the brakes and throttle separately.

“The difference becomes clear in places where you think ‘Ferrari is weak at that corner’ and the way Leclerc drives comes into play.”

Nakano, who scored points twice with the Prost team in 1997, affirms that the Dutchman is able to keep the Red Bull on the limit for longer while remaining consistent.

#Ferrari aiming to reduce drag with #SpanishGP upgrades https://t.co/fYCZCHC6NJ

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 16, 2022

“I feel that Verstappen’s car control and determination at the limit when you cannot make mistakes is one step better than Leclerc,” he added.

“Of course Leclerc is good, but I get the impression that Verstappen is just a little better.”

Former Toro Rosso driver and double Formula E champion with Techeetah, Jean-Eric Verne, concedes that he could not match Verstappen’s pace in F1, but is adamant that it would be a different story in electric cars around the twisty, tight circuits the all-electric series uses.

“If I race against him in Formula 1, I have to be honest – I’m not going to beat him,” he said.

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“He is clearly at the highest level in Formula 1. If he comes to Formula E, he is not unbeatable.”

Asked if he would beat the Dutchman in a Formula E race, the Frenchman replied: “You can bet on that. I think I’m the best!” 

Leclerc leads Verstappen by 19 points after the reigning champion took victory in both Imola and Miami, but reliability failures in Bahrain and Melbourne have set the Dutchman back.

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Andretti wants to give American drivers "legitimate shot" in F1

Motorsport.com - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 11:43
Andretti is currently pushing to establish an F1 operation that would join the grid from 2024 as an 11th team after seeing his bid to acquire Sauber, which operates the Alfa Romeo squad, fall apart late last year.
Although the FIA is yet to open up the official process for new teams to join F1, Andretti - the son of 1978 world champion Mario Andretti - was in Miami to try and gain support for ...Keep reading
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Russell reacts to Wolff’s assessment of 2022 Mercedes: ‘That’s a bit of an understatement’

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 11:06

Mercedes’ George Russell has affirmed that “diva” is not the word he would use the describe the 2022 car, as the problems they have been experiencing warrant a deeper explanation than that.

The Silver Arrows have been hampered by a multitude of issues posed by the new technical regulations, and the new ground effect aerodynamics have led to the car bouncing off the track surfacing, in a phenomenon labelled as “porpoising.”

The incessant turbulence on the straight is costing Russell and team-mate Sir Lewis Hamilton in a straight line as drag becomes a factor, while the poor visibility and handling going into corners is also costing them time to runaway leaders Ferrari and Red Bull.

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It has meant that, at times, the German outfit have looked in danger of becoming submerged in the midfield fight rather than getting closer to the front, and both drivers have managed a best finish of third.

Team principal Toto Wolff has recently used the term “diva” to describe the W13, but this is the same word they used for the 2017 car that won the championship, so Russell believes there is far more to it than just an erratic car.

“[The performance is] there; we just need to try and unlock it. Toto’s throwing the word diva around a lot, but I think that’s a bit of an understatement because it’s so unpredictable,” he explained.

“When the thing just starts bouncing in the corners, it’s a killer to drive. [In the race] it wasn’t as bad; when you’re not in your full quali mode, you’re not going quite as quick, but it certainly wasn’t great.”

Russell topped FP2 in Miami after finishing second in the first practice session, but he fell to 17th in FP3 before qualifying 12th.

#Latifi axe rumours discussed amid Mercedes driver’s appearance https://t.co/2Siuv2kyPM

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 17, 2022

He recovered to fifth in the race – albeit with a slice of fortune from the Safety Car – so the performance fluctuation of the Mercedes was on full display in Florida, leaving no shortage of confusion for the 24-year-old.

“We’ve known all along there is a fast racing car there,” added Russell. 

“[But] Friday was a complete outlier, and we don’t really understand why. Lewis did a better job than I did to qualify P6, but even fuel- and power-corrected, his fastest laps were on Friday, whereas every other driver improved [by] well over one second. 

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“I think my race pace was two-tenths slower than [Charles] Leclerc on Friday, and [on Sunday] it’s back to half a second to a second, so I don’t know.”

Russell is fourth in the Drivers’ Standings after five rounds of the season, 23 points ahead of Hamilton having out-raced him in the last four grand prix.

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‘Should we be concerned about Mick’s career?’

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 10:45

Former Formula 1 driver Christian Danner has been left with questions regarding Mick Schumacher’s capacity to be a mainstay in Formula 1.

The German has entered 27 races in the pinnacle of motorsport without scoring a point having spent 2021 running around in a woefully poor Haas.

He out-qualified team-mate Nikita Mazepin 20 times in 22 races last year, but was given a much more representative test in the form of Kevin Magnussen this season after the Dane was re-signed to replace the sacked Russian amid his country’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Though the 23-year-old has out-qualified his more experienced Haas partner twice this year, he has never quite been able to reach points finishes in the race. He looked on for at least one in Miami, before contact with Sebastian Vettel sent them both out of the top 10.

That followed a major crash in qualifying for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix that ruled his car out of the race, and watching Magnussen score points in four of the opening five rounds will leave question marks as to why Schumacher has not been able to do the same.

He won the Formula 2 championship in 2020, and is there or thereabouts with Magnussen’s pace, but his inability to translate that into results, in Danner’s eyes, might soon become a concern.

“What good is it to be 13, 14, 15 or 25 times faster than Mazepin? Nothing,” he said in an interview with Motorsport-Magazin.com.

“But if you beat Magnussen, it means something.

“I think he has the pace. Now he has to do it over the longer distance too.

“I’ve seen the stats about all the accidents he’s had, so that Steiner can draw up the very hefty bill. He broke a lot of parts, you have to admit.

“Should we be concerned about Mick’s career? Is he good enough for Formula 1?”

The two-time points finisher with Arrows and Rial drew comparisons to Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris, who hit the ground running in their debut seasons in 2015, 2018 and 2019 respectively.

“The problem is that once you’re in Formula 1, the apprenticeship is actually over very quickly. Lando Norris screwed up too but he was also unbelievably good straight away,” he added.

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“Leclerc has made a lot of mistakes but he still made a mark when he drove for Sauber, similar with Verstappen. The bar that this generation of new drivers is setting is very high and Mick has to measure up to that.”

Schumacher heads into the European Grand Prix this weekend in search of better fortunes as he continues to await his first-ever points in F1.

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F1 said it would be easy to replace the Russian Grand Prix, so why didn’t they? | News Focus

F1Fanatic - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 09:01
Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said replacing the Russian Grand Prix would be "no problem". So why did they decide not to?
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Important to avoid ‘verbal abuse’ between Hamilton and the FIA

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 08:38

Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) chairman Alex Wurz believes that the FIA is right to enforce the ban on jewellery being worn in the cockpit, but disagrees with the manner in which it was done.

On two occasions this season, the FIA has asked race director Niels Wittich to post a reminder in his pre-race notes that jewellery is not to be worn in the car, and that all clothing must be fire retardant.

It reportedly led to a minor altercation between Sir Lewis Hamilton and Wittich in Australia, but it all kicked off when the drivers were given their second reminder ahead of the Miami Grand Prix, especially since scrutineers now have the right to search the drivers before they step into the car.

READ: Hamilton says Mercedes have a ‘spare driver’ as he threatens to quit racing over FIA row

Hamilton’s retort came in the form of additional jewellery on his person in the press conference in Florida, and he affirmed that there are much greater and wider issues that the FIA should be addressing.

“It’s almost like a step backwards if you think about the steps we’re taking as a sport and the more important issues and causes we need to be focusing on,” he said.

“I think we’ve made such great strides as a sport… this is such a small thing.

“I’ve been in this sport for 16 years [and] I’ve been wearing jewellery for 16 years. In the car I only ever have my earrings on and my nose ring which I can’t even remove. 

“It’s about individuality and being who you are. I sent [bin Sulayem] a message just reassuring him that I want to be an ally. I don’t want to fight with you guys over this. This is very, very silly.”

#Ferrari aiming to reduce drag with #SpanishGP upgrades https://t.co/fYCZCHC6NJ

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 16, 2022

The seven-time champion emphasised that he did not want this to become a fight between himself and the governing body, but cannot understand why the new clampdown is necessary.

“I’ll try to communicate and work with Mohammed. I’m here to be an ally of Mohammed, of the sport and Formula 1, and as I said I think we’ve got bigger fish to fry,” he added.

Wurz disagrees with the notion that the ban is not needed – it was introduced in 2005 to save lives – but the former Benneton, McLaren and Williams driver believes that the FIA could have handled it with more grace.

READ: Russell praised for ‘reading the script’ and outracing Hamilton in Miami

“It is a rule for the right reasons,” he told Kronen Zeitung Newspaper.

“I would have probably liked a slightly different approach of how to deliver the message.

“I don’t want to end up in football where there are more hands in the air and verbal abuse… you have to work together. It’s a style I would have preferred in this case.”

Hamilton has been given until the Monaco Grand Prix to make his permanent fixtures removable, and he could possibly even face a ban if he does not.

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No replacement for Russian GP as F1 schedule stays at 22 races

Motorsport.com - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 08:30
The decision creates a gap of two free weekends between the end of the European season at Monza on September 11, and the start of the run of six flyaway races in Singapore on October 2.
The Sochi event was cancelled, along with the event’s ongoing contract, shortly after the Russian attack on Ukraine began.
F1 immediately began looking for alternative venues in a bid to keep this year’s ...Keep reading
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F1 scraps plan to replace cancelled Russian Grand Prix | 2022 F1 season

F1Fanatic - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 08:30
The 2022 Formula 1 calendar has been reduced to 22 rounds as the series has decided not to replace the cancelled Russian Grand Prix.
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Ex-F1 racer gives verdict on Russell outperforming Hamilton at Mercedes

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 08:28

Former Formula 1 driver Giedo van der Garde does not believe that Mercedes can have any input in this year’s title battle after a tough start to the year.

The new technical regulations have had a detrimental effect on Mercedes’ car this year, and “porpoising” has caused a lack of straight-line speed as well as poor handling in the corners.

They have a tremendous power deficit to Red Bull’s Honda engine, and the Milton Keynes side as well as Ferrari have been far superior in the opening five rounds of the season.

READ: Verstappen handed boost as Horner dismisses Ferrari boss’ claim about Red Bull development

Indeed, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc have won all of the first five between them, while a podium a piece for Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell has been the best the German outfit have been able to muster.

The 62-point disadvantage to leaders Ferrari, whose pace in the corners seems almost unparalleled at present, is the furthest back they have been in nine years when Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull were enjoying their final season of dominance, so the picture looks relatively bleak from a championship perspective.

There was, however, reason to smile in Miami when the pace of the car looked to improve after some key aerodynamic upgrades were introduced, and Russell led Hamilton home for fifth and sixth respectively after a largely promising weekend towards the top of the timesheets.

Their appearances in among the Red Bulls and Ferraris were transient though, and they were significantly slower in the race as the Austrian and Italian sides locked out the top four spots for the second time this season.

As such, van der Garde, who raced 19 times for Caterham in 2013, is struggling to see how Russell or Hamilton can leave any imprint on the championship picture in 2022.

“No. That gap is far too big. In qualifying it’s about six to seven tenths, but in the race it was constantly a second,” he told RacingNews365.com.

“It takes a lot of time, effort and knowhow to get that back. With a budget cap, that becomes very difficult.

“Sure, they will make a jump and maybe they will be lucky enough to win a race once, but I certainly don’t see them fighting for the championship anymore.”

Russell has out-raced his team-mate in all of the last four races, although Melbourne and Miami can largely be accredited to the 24-year-old capitalising on fortunately-timed Safety Cars, so the Dutchman is not convinced by suggestions that the 24-year-old is out-performing the seven-time champion.

“That’s not entirely justified,” added van der Garde.

Binotto’s claim about Red Bull development dismissed by journalist https://t.co/M9XVJQtubU

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 13, 2022

“I found him very strong in qualifying [in Miami]. He squeezed out a few super-good laps in a car that is really very difficult to drive and is very unpredictable.

“Russell chose to start on the hard tyres. The first few laps he had a lot of problems with that, but then he came back. He was just super-lucky with that Safety Car.”

Though Hamilton’s sterling performance in Florida was undone by the Safety Car, van der Garde believes he was the quicker Mercedes driver.

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“I thought Hamilton was really the better of the two last weekend and Russell just had the luck. That’s actually been the case all year and that’s fine for Russell, because it’s better to be lucky than [have] bad luck.”

Russell sits fourth in the Drivers’ Standings at present, 23 points clear of sixth-placed Hamilton. 

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Why TecPro barriers weren’t used at Miami chicane where Sainz and Ocon crashed | 2022 Miami Grand Prix

F1Fanatic - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 07:47
Formula 1 drivers wanted TecPro barriers to be installed at the scene of two crashes in Miami, but simulations indicated they weren't needed.
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Is F1 heading for a budget cap showdown over Red Bull/Ferrari development war?

Motorsport.com - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 07:46
It was perhaps inevitable therefore that with the implementation of the FIA financial regulations the focus would move towards how closely those new rules are being followed.
The top teams are all well aware how tight their own budgets are this year, and they know how carefully they have to control funds spent on development. They now have to pace themselves over the season to make the best ...Keep reading
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Hamilton ‘between a rock and a hard place’

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 07:33

Sir Lewis Hamilton has faced a difficult start to the 2022 season, which has already seen him drop countless points in the drivers’ championship, as his hopes of fighting for the title continue to look bleak.

He is currently sixth in the standings and 68-points behind championship leader Charles Leclerc.

To add further flames to the fire, new team-mate George Russell is fourth in the standings, 23-points ahead of him.

The inaugural Miami Grand Prix was another difficult weekend for the British driver, despite qualifying in sixth.

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Hamilton made zero ground during the race and ended up finishing behind Russell, even though the former Williams driver started twelfth.

Not for the first-time this season Hamilton was caught out by a Safety Car, which on the other hand played right into Russell’s favour.

“I think [Hamilton] was between a rock and a hard place, because the Safety Car clearly came out at a situation that wasn’t favourable for him, and favourable for George, in the back,” said Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff.

“George had a window, no one behind him, he was able to switch on to a practically new Medium, and Lewis had to decide, ‘Do I keep the position on a Hard or do I go on a Soft?’, which would have been also tricky.

“That was probably a 50:50 decision and, in the end, it didn’t work out for him – but it’s not the first time that he’s been unlucky this season with the Safety Car.”

Russell has adjusted better to the W13 so far this season than Hamilton; the young British driver is the only racer on the grid to have finished every race this season in the top five.

Hamilton, however, has seen his results drastically vary at each round since finishing on the podium at the season-opener in Bahrain.

As of yet, the pair don’t seem to quite have the same relationship that Hamilton had with former team-mate Valtteri Bottas, Wolff though is “really happy” with how the pair work together.

“I’m really happy about the two of them, how they interact, how respectfully they go about with each other,” he continued.

“Even a situation where they race each other, where it’s getting a bit, ‘I’m not leaving you room’ and then, ‘Okay then, I’m never gonna find another way’, and then you give the position back.

“I think this is how two team-mates should race each other and that’s okay, so I’m happy how he settled in.”

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Horner indicates $200 million entry fee is not enough

Formula1news.co.uk - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 05:12

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner has said that the $200 million fee new entrants must pay to get into Formula 1 may need to be increased.

It is possible that, by 2026, there may be 12 teams on the grid for the first time since 2012 depending on the progress of Michael Andretti’s bid to enter a team in 2024 and the culmination of the efforts from Porsche and Audi to enter the sport by 2026.

Andretti Global have made no secret of the fact that they want to be in Formula 1 the year after next, while Porsche and Audi – despite recent reports – may still have the option available to them to make a brand-new team instead of investing in existing ones.

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Putting new teams on the grid means that the prize money that is divided between everyone has to be spread more thinly, so every team naturally gets a smaller sum of money as a result.

To offset that, any new entrant into the pinnacle of motorsport is required to pay $200 million, but that money disappears fairly quickly after it is shared out, meaning that the pool gets smaller for everyone soon after the new arrival.

While the amount of money, especially given the current rate of inflation, might need to be reconsidered, the premise of a team essentially having to pay equity for the other teams is a well-founded one in the eyes of Horner.

“What that essentially does, it puts an intrinsic value or minimum value on any entrant, you know, from P10 upwards, I think that you’ve got to look longer term,” he explained.

“And I think it’s the first time in memory that we’ve got 10, healthy franchises, 10 healthy teams. 

Kimi #Raikkonen set to be reunited with fellow #F1 drivers https://t.co/QAVk7CvI9J

— Formula1News.co.uk (@Formula1newsUK) May 17, 2022

“There was always a team, you know, the last couple of teams would always be fighting to survive, whereas now they’re in a position where they can actually plan for the future, they can look forward rather than just being in the present.”

However, the 48-year-old highlights the issue in that the money paid by new entrants is starting to become less significant as the economy becomes harsher.

“The 200 million is a significant amount of money. But you know, in this business, and when you divide it by the participants, it doesn’t go a long way,” he added.

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“It’s a one-shot, it’s not 200 million every year. So, you know, at the end of the day, a conversation like this will always come down to economics.”

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff previously remarked that the Andretti team would need to prove that the project is “bringing in more money than it is actually costing.”

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De Vries expects to be "thrown in the deep" in F1 practice debut

Motorsport.com - Wed, 05/18/2022 - 05:05
Reigning Formula E champion de Vries, part of Mercedes' F1 reserve roster in addition to his duties with the German manufacturer's FE squad, has earned a call-up to drive in FP1 at Barcelona - his first outing in an official F1 session. This was helped in part due to new rules mandating teams to run rookie drivers in at least two free practice sessions. 
De Vries, who was a long-time ...Keep reading
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