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Online store for automotive modeling.  Includes F1 and other racing. 

Type of Resource
Online Store

Fat Frog Scale Models

Fat Frog Scale Models YouTube Channel.

F1 Kit previews and unboxing. 

Type of Resource
YouTube Channel

Forum News

The F1M Forums - forum.f1m.com - and F1M - www.f1m.com - are now completely seperate web sites.  Logging into one will not log you into the other. If you cannot log into the F1M Forums, go to https://forum.f1m.com/app.php/user/forgot_password to change your password for that site only.  Changing your password here will not affect your Forum account.

Also, I have disabled account creation on the F1M Forums for the moment while I work on bugs.

I might update this article with more information as things change or I find other items that need to be communicated.

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