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Ziggy's Desk

F1, Motorcycles, and race car models.

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So What's Up on F1M.com?

So folks might have noticed that some things have changed recently, mostly on the non-Forum section of F1M.

I've updated the software that runs that portion of the site.  Its was going to need to happen at some point, and I will also need to do another update but I can wait on that.  I removed some of the old content, things like the Hobby Shop list, updated other content, like the F1 Kit Database, and created a new feature, the Resources.  F1M members can add or update information in these sections, its moderated so I'll need to give it a check before the changes appear.

Steve Matchett

Former F1 mechanic Steve Matchett's YouTube channel.

He does both F1 and general automotive videos.

Type of Resource
YouTube Channel

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