Chevron Transkit Instructions: Now Available in English

Chevron Models' 1/12 scale 312T4 Monaco Wingset and Tyrrell P34 transkit instructions

Brian (rasputen) and I have been working on translations of two Chevron Models' instruction sets.  Brian's scanned the original Japanese, I've translated everything here, and Brian's re-laid everything out in Adobe PDF files again, to look like the originals but in our language.

These instructions have never been available in English before, to the chagrin of many who've bought these old kits.  They’re an unmet need.  I've also gotten permission from Chevron Models president, Mr Sato, to post them on f1m.  In fact, he e-mailed me an emphatic "Please, by all means do!!" reply when I asked for permission.  He seems overjoyed to have his old kits advertised to a wider audience, especially as he'd like to re-release them again in future.  The instructions have also been vetted as accurate (thanks to lots of feedback from Brian who has the actual kits in hand), after review by Chevron's distributor in the US, Hapico.

Please note:

  • These are instructions for two older, now out-of-production kits, and only intended for people who already have them, or who can find them at places like eBay.
  • The other Chevron Model Products (Windshield Sets, Seat Belt Sets, etc) listed on page 2 of the 312T4 Monaco Wingset instructions file, are also long out-of-production.  Please don't ask about them.
  • English instructions for the 1/12 Chevron M23 transkit (also out-of-production) were made available by Chevron / Hapico, a year after that kit was first sold in Japan, and have appeared at Chevron /  Hapico websites.
  • These PDF instruction files -- for the Tyrrell P34 especially -- are rather heavy.




chevron_312t4_monaco_wingset_-_english_o.pdf183.73 KB
chevron_tyrrell_p34_-_english_o.pdf1.17 MB
chevron_tyrrell_p34_additional_pages_-_english_o.pdf115.83 KB

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Eagle50's picture

Hey Jimbo,Have you asked

Hey Jimbo,

Have you asked Hapico, Chevron Models' English-speaking American distributor, if there are already instructions for the Ferrari 312 T2 transkit out there?

Address from their webpage is:





jimbo's picture

Chevron instructions

Any chance that you will do a translation of the instructions for the Chevron Ferrari 312 T2 transkit In the future?

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